Family History Project:

Over the course of this semester we will discover that migration is an integral component of the American experience and is one of many factors that shapes America’s role in the larger world. For example, in Italianamerican we met Italian immigrants – Catherine and Charles Scorsese -and learn about their experiences in New York City. Four Hundred Souls examines the under-represented histories of Black people in the U.S. These two are just examples. You can connect to any of the readings from this semester.

Your task will be to write a 4-6 page paper describing the causes and/or results of migration for yourself, your family, or for a close friend or neighbor. This essay does not have to be exhaustive—you do not have to cover every aspect of the story—but it should make connections with the texts we have read this semester and will be supported by oral histories (interviews) and at least two outside sources (these can be primary or secondary sources).  Your paper should do more than re-tell a story but will provide some kind of analysis or assessment related to the themes of this course. In other words, it should have a general purpose or meaning beyond a desire to tell a story.

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Family history project
Family History Project

Good essays will:

  • Tell a meaningful American migration story in a logically organized manner.
  • Make connections to themes raised in the course, especially in the texts mentioned above.
  • Draw from both interviews and two outside sources (primary or secondary).
  • You should cite any direct quotes or any ideas that are not your own. Parenthetical (MLA) or footnote (Chicago style) citations are acceptable.
    • Be well-organized and contain strong topic sentences, well-developed paragraphs, and effective transitions.
    • Be well-written, with no grammar, spelling, or other errors.
  • Be 4-6 pages in length.
    • Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, and standard margins.
    • Please number the pages.
    • Do not place extraneous spaces between the paragraphs.
    • Include a work-cited page