This article discusses Identifying and Meeting the Needs of an Individual Client.


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Identifying and Meeting the Needs of an Individual Client

Am study this course healthcare support to help me gain a better and clear understanding of the best provision require to meet the needs of my clients and to become a healthcare assistant. In this assignment I will be discussing about three clients and will change their names for security purpose. I will be identifying and meeting the needs of my individual clients. Firstly I will discuss about my first client who is suffering from memory loss due to dementia, physical disability and social isolation a little background of my client. Julia a seventy-six years old woman, a lovely wife and mother with grandchildren. Her mother is a registered supervisor that supervised the little kids. Julia has always been very family oriented because she knows her family members are the people who will always be there to support her. Julia love travels a lot she been to Rome and she have a good time when she is in Rome and she have the opportunity to meet the pope in Rome. Julia family member took her to the GP because she was suffering from cough and Julia was transferred to the hospital because Julia has developed infection through the cough and she admitted in the hospital. Memory loss – which can make it difficult to carry on a long and thoughtful conversation for example Julia thinking that her mother is still alive and she very distress because of the noisy environment and become confused and upset of the disoriented ward she been put in. this can be easily distracted. By maintaining a safe environment is everyone responsibility in Julia case she needs to be supervises to prevent her wandering the corridors or she may walk out front door. Julia supposed to be in a separate room that have much space to walk around because of slips trips falls or trying a barrier like a curtain to mask the door. Julia be very able to walk, stand and strong enough to pack her things by giving Julia a job such as folding laundry might help her to make her feel needed and useful and to support her independence and ability to care for herself. Showing Julia a family picture so that she can remember things and to make time for a regular exercise and GP appointment. By maintaining a safe environment locks high or low on the door has to be installing.
  1. To give Julia ability to maintain connectedness, social relationships and networks within and outside and also Julia should be engage in meaningful activities.
  2. To enable Julia to maintain contact link to the priest and family. And a meaningful relationships with those around her.
  3. Try distracting with a snack and cup of tea
Meaningful and respectful engagement with Julia has to be encouraged. Julia should be treated with kindness, respect and consideration. To communicate with Julia and to make some connection with her through touch, sound or visual stimulation that can enhance her personhood and bring out the best in her. My personal learning is to make sure I look for her responses through her facial expression, the opening of the eyes and other eye contact, body or hand movement and her strong hand-grasp to observe a smile or giggle, to see her head turn in the direction of my sound to know that Julia is listening to the story or looking through the picture album showing to her then I know I make a difference and contributed to Julia quality of life. Mr jones is a 67 years old India man, who had lived long in Ireland with his family members, his family members was the one taking care of him, until they decide to take him to care home. Mr Jones was suffering from stroke, and he was stroke on the right side of his body. I will be using (Gibbs reflective cycle Gibbs, 1998.) to explain my points. Stroke is a disease that mostly affects people in the later part of their lives. Stroke attacks people’s brain either because of their life style or what they eat or as a result of some dysfunctional aspect of the body. In this regard American Heart association (2015) Said that “A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carriers oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by clot or burst (raptures). When that happens, part of the brain cannot get the blood (and oxygen) it needs, so it and brain cells die.” Mr Jones like i said, has stroke on one side of his body, he cannot bath himself and feed himself because he is on a wheel chair and a little difficulty in his speech. Mr jones has difficulty in swallowing and this can cause fits of choking and coughing when he try to drink liquids and his loss of intellectual and thinking ability has a difficulty with his attention, concentration, and working out problem and his emotional distress. Mr Jones can still make use of his other hands, by holding the shower hand to run the water to his body, use the hand to brush his teeth, to comb his hair. By doing this I have to give Mr Jones independence by asking him if he can do any aspect of the bathing by using the other hands. By providing Mr jones wheel chair and took him for a walk to a nearby shopping mall for fresh air and to have a good communication and interaction with Mr jones and to arrange a GP visit for therapy for a day care basis and occupational therapist (OT) to assess Mr jones activities of daily living (washing, dressing etc.) physical abilities and to get Mr jones practising the techniques and to carry out daily living activities at weekends and in evenings.

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Identifying and meeting the needs of an individual client
Identifying and Meeting the Needs of an Individual Client
Maintaining safe environment special equipment such as hoist to make sure Mr Jones is moved safety. A special mattress designed to prevent pressure sores and by getting Mr Jones position is important in lying and sitting to support the weak side and to reduce muscle caused by inactivity and altered muscle tone. By adjusting the height of the armchairs and providing a handrail beside the toilet or bath and shower. Being easily distracted by noise, and other people’s conversation and showing responses and taking time to process what is be heard. My personal learning outcomes is to reduce as far as possible, background noise such as TV or radio and by keeping my sentences short and uncomplicated. By allowing Mr Jones to do things for himself it may take longer but I have to require a lot of patience. However it is well spent as it will help Mr Jones to rebuild his self-confidence. Currently m randy is 81 years old, and he reaching the end of his life, and his self-imposed isolation is being encroached upon by the forces of government. Mr Andy has lived all alone after his wife passing away 25 years ago, he lived on the shores Lake O’Higgins in a house built from the remains of a shipwrecked fishing vessels. Mr Andy is a pastoralist in a small community of several hundred people, 25 miles away horseback ride through rugged mountain. One day Mr Andy makes this ride to sell his cattle in town when he had a fall and he was rush to the hospital, m randy doesn’t like going to the hospital or a nursing home because he taught going to a nursing home makes someone useless. While Mr Andy he still in the hospital the social worker get involve in his case and he was being transfer to a nursing home for proper care. Mr Andy having problem with his health problem and disability to walk and to stand for a long period because Mr Andy is very old and his sensory impairment such as hearing loss. Based on Mr Andy lack of social relationships his strong risk factor for his mortality as physical activity makes him depress. Mr Andy can still maintain a balanced healthy and notorious diet because m randy is very fit and can walk and still able to do thing on his own. Social isolation has shown in Mr Andy and it has effect his health and well-being, by helping Mr Andy is by offering a counselling and support bereavement, local groups, offer a drop in centre and telephone advisory line for Mr Andy. To improve Mr Andy situation because he is very old man and not that strong anymore is to gather a smaller group of people who can share an interest for example bible study, gardening or sport and local activities that for an elderly people like Mr Andy and a daily activities like exercise and reading newspaper. Lonely people like Mr Andy need encouragement and guidance on how to be creative and to make a positive approach in meeting others, they should be allow to reaches others so that m randy retain active involve in his pattern of his own lives, rather than sitting and waiting for a doorbell to ring. My personal learning is to being nice to Mr Andy and taking trouble to find out his hopes and fears. Because m randy doesn’t have anybody around him to visit him or call him on phone, I have to organise a visitors like priest, counselling or going on outings. Finally alternative therapies (e.g. massage and aromatherapy) can relieve Mr Andy. Looking at the challenges, the measures and the competences of my three clients makes me have a lot of knowledge to encourage them in their effort as to maintain independence that can provide them with sense of accomplishment in what they do and the ability to maintain independence always.