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50+ Good Research Paper Topics Mental Health with Prompts

List of 50+ Argumentative Research Paper Topics Mental Health with Prompts, including Good research topics for mental health, a research paper outline and Good research questions about depression with Essay Prompts.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics Mental Health with Prompts

Mental Health Needs of Syrian Refugee Children and Asylum Seekers

Description: The piece majorly addresses how children are in quest of mental health support due to poor education and mental health problem. Mental health correlates to different wars that the children have been exposed to since 2013.

Mental Health In America. Mental Health is a worsening condition for the American population

Description: Mental health is a worsening condition for the American population with one in five adults being mentally ill. Severe depression among the youth has shown an increasing trend with a 2.3% rise from 2012 to 2015.

Crime and Mental Health

Description: The relationship between mental health and criminal predisposition has remained an issue of concern in the criminal justice system. The risks of violence and related criminal behaviors are increased in patients with psychotic disorders. However, the precise triggers or causative mechanisms.

Increased Mental Illness. Mental illness has become a worrying trend in America

Description: Please discuss why mental illness has increased in both children and adults in recent history. Why is this happening in society? Technology isolates us? We are unhealthy? …

Promoting Positive Outcomes through Targeted Communication within Cultural Groups

Description: Mental health and mental disorders are some of the key issues addressed in Healthy People 2020. Suicide is also a specific area of interest under mental health and the objective of Healthy People 2020 is to reduce the rate of suicide in America. (Research Paper Topics Mental Health)

Strategies and Resources That Contribute to Older Adults’ Well-Being and Mental Health

Description: In many cases, older people don’t usually have access to adequate medical care and treatment for these illnesses and mental disorders, forcing them to miserably live until they meet their deaths.

Market Research on Depression and Mental Health

Description: The market research is done under Midstate Institute of Mental Illness (MIMI), where the theme on ‘Depression and Mental Health’ has been reviewed and a come up with a market plan. Depression and mental health are conditioning whose victim does not have behaviors of an upright human.

Mental Health Care and Treatment, Refugees, and Therapists’ Cultural Competence

Description: This article discusses how mental healthcare can be integrated into school or medical settings to help refugees and children. It is typical for refugee families not to care about their mental health or their children because of the busyness of finding one’s footing in another country.

What are your professional development goals as a PMHNP student and what is your alignment with social change?

The impact Mental Health has on female juvenile recidivism rate

Description: The juvenile justice system, including probation, youth court, community, alternative schooling, detention and youth incarceration, is considered the most valid and authentic way to handle youngsters (both males and females) who are convicted of different criminal offenses.

Essential Components when Designing a Wellness Scheme to Help Young People Quit Smoking

Description: Psychosocial factors, social cognition, and mental health affect smoking addiction among young people significantly. Psychosocial factors can be described from how social elements interact with the thoughts and beliefs of individuals (Behavioral Diversity in Health Education, 2021).

Excessive Internet Usage and Mental Health

Description: Lebni et al. (2020) embarked on a study to establish the relationship between internet addiction to signify the prolonged use of the internet and internetworking technologies and mental health as well as the corresponding effect on academic performances.

What Does It Mean If Someone Has Co-Occurring Disorders?

Description: What does it mean if someone has “co-occurring disorders”? When someone has both a mental health and a substance use disorder, is it always clear which disorder came first?

Does Time People Spent on the Internet Affect Mental Health?

Description: Today, the internet has become a very significant part of life. Globally, the internet is used by approximately 3.8 billion people (Internet World Stats, 2021). Recently, studies seeking the effects of internet addiction on mental health have been done.  

The Concept of Mental Health and Well-being

Description: Mental health is a positive state of psychological well-being. The World Health Organization describes a sense of well-being as a part of health.

Finding Solutions For Mental Disorder Among Students

Description: The project proposes an advocacy program within the organization that will identify these barriers and recommend appropriate solutions. The success of the program will promote mental care services in the institution and a reduction of mental disorder and suicide cases.

Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health

Description: I loved the topic of social media and its influence on young people. Social media is a popular tool within contemporary society due to its user-friendly features. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram have allowed people to connect globally, making the world a small place.

Deinstitutionalization of Persons with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Description: Deinstitutionalization of persons with serious mental illness (SMI) has significantly influenced the health sector, comprising the agency, the client, and the medical counselors. Its contextual study falls under numerous stages as objectives and policies of its conceptualization have transformed over time.

Challenges in Volunteering at a Mental Health Facility

Description: As far as preparing journal entries is concerned, a number of core issues stand out as potential challenges. The first challenge will be collecting diverse experiences that will help me enrich and broaden my knowledge on service in the healthcare sector.

What Is The Impact Of Stigma On People With Mental Health And Develop Mental Disabilities?

Description: Explain how this paper will address the ideas of social justice and responsibility, and how improving this issue will move us towards a more socially just world. Research Paper Topics Mental Health

Art Can Be Good for Mental Health

Description: This word was an elaborate concept where various ideas can be connected, just like how the author connected it to psychological well-being. This is also a concept that is not accepted by all but is also loved by some.

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Good research topic for mental health

Stigma and Discrimination of People Living with Mental Illness

Description: Several individuals living with mental illness in Australia fear seeking medical assistance because of the stigma around the same. These individuals fear that their lives will change when they admit they have a mental health problem, from losing their jobs to losing close friends.

How might Mental Health-related issues hinder physical recovery?

Description: Recognizing mental health is essential to physical health. Extensive evidence reveals a very close correlation between mental health and physical health, i.e., positive mental health outcomes are associated with improved physical health outcomes and vice versa.

Ensuring the Safety of the Workplace and Attracting and Retaining Talent

Description: HR professionals in Paychex have always been at the forefront of managing mental health in the workplace. Yet, the COVID19 pandemic has made mental health more complicated (Schäfer et al., 2020).

The Role Social Media Plays in Influencing Mental Illness

Description: By nature, humans are highly social beings. The advent of social media has increased the scope of this social nature. However, it has also resulted in negative mental health consequences among users. Isolation, FOMO, cyberbullying, the need for validation, and inadequacy about one’s life or appearance are found.

Proposal to Address the Issue of Mental Illnesses and Drug Use Among the Canadians

Description: Given the fact that one in every five Canadians is affected by mental illness every year, it is clear to the Mental Health Commission of Canada that there is a need to address the issue of mental health.

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Argumentative Essay Topics Mental Health

  1. Do the United States have the best facilities to treat patients with mental health issues?
  2. Is there any defined lowest age for onset of mental disorders?
  3. Do children or young individuals have psychological issues?
  4. Does the event of parental separation or divorce adversely impact children’s mental health?
  5. Do psychological health issues have results on your physiology or physical health?
  6. Is obsessive-compulsive disorder curable?
  7. Should there be the formulation of law to incorporate the mental status of criminals while construing a trial?
  8. Is any color associated with improvement or deterioration of one’s mental health condition?
  9. Is the basis of mental or psychological issues genetic?
  10. Do obese people have more mental health problems?
  11. Could holocaust survivors be saved from getting mentally unstable?
  12. Does denial of abortion rights influence the mother and child’s mental health?
  13. Are there individuals who lost consciousness?
  14. Can surrogate pregnancy result in psychological stress?
  15. Is Homeopathic treatment based on pseudo-scientific knowledge?

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Mental Health Essay Ideas

  1. Would it be possible to cure diabetes and related mental conditions in near future?
  2. Could robots have any mental condition?
  3. Is the cosmetic surgery craze ruining the young generation’s mental condition?
  4. Do drug abusers have normal mental status?
  5. Is Religion a kind of psychological disorder?
  6. Is there any link between drug use and mental health?
  7. Do environmental factors influence the mental health of an individual?
  8. Are the social effects of psychological disorders bearable?
  9. Are Emotional Support Animals helpful in curing your mental conditions?
  10. Is there any mental disorder that is most prevalent among youth in the US?
  11. Could e-health technology assist in regulating mental health issues?
  12. Could racism influence mental health?
  13. Is education one of the key stressors nowadays?
  14. What age could be apt for commencing dating?
  15. Is modern-day youth’s excessive dependency on gadgets causing mental health issues?
  16. Is covid-19 propaganda or a real hazard?
  17. Could sex education improve the mental health of teenagers?

Research Paper on Mental Health Outline

Research paper on mental health outline
50+ Good Research Paper Topics Mental Health with Prompts 2

Good research questions about depression with Essay Prompts

Depression and self-harm. Health, Medicine, Nursing Research Paper

Essay prompt:  Depression refers to a distinctive psychological, mood, or emotional state which affects a person’s feelings, thoughts, and actions, leading to sadness, loss of interest, and low self-esteem for an extended period (American Psychiatric Association).

Depression and Student Engagement

Essay prompt:  Senior high school students are identified as the primary victims of depression. Depression is a common psychological problem among adolescents expressed through slow thinking, poor diet, sleep, and bad moods. Besides, in critical situations, depression may cause suicidal thoughts and problems.

Exploring Factors Related to or Influencing Postpartum Depression

Essay prompt:  Pregnancy can increase the vulnerability of women’s physical, mental and psychological health, especially when they already have maternal depression (Park, Karmaus & Zhang, 2015).

Describe the different types of depression. What are the warning signs for suicide? What is psycho-pharmacology, and how is it used in treating mood disorders?

Family Support as Treatment for Depression

Essay prompt:  Depression is currently one of the significant healthcare conditions the world is dealing with. There are other major global health concerns, but having depression as one of them confirms the notion that it does need to be considered a significant healthcare problem.

Abnormal Psychology Research Summary 2. Psychology Essay

Essay prompt:  Abnormal psychology is a significantly exciting topic requiring consistent research and exploration. This is because it is a field constantly changing and developing in ways that provide new knowledge on some of the psychological problems that individuals face.

Loneliness, depression, and sociability in old age

Essay prompt:  Research shows that the passage of years increases the likelihood of depression.

Alcoholism & MDD. Depression and Alcohol Use. Alcohol and Depression

Essay prompt:  Alcoholism & MDD discuss how you would go about assessing the role of alcohol in a patient who presented with a Major Depressive Disorder. How would you differentiate physiologically based depression resulting from alcohol from Major Depression?

Depression In Primary Care Settings

Essay prompt:  The task force states that to address the burden of depression, a health system requires reliable, simple, and brief ways of administration are the best screening instruments for depression.

Pediatric Bipolar Depression Disorder

Essay prompt:  Pediatric bipolar depression disorder should not be diagnosed. Bipolar depression is challenging to diagnose in children because the symptoms look significantly different from how the condition manifests in adults (CHADD, 2020). In adults, bipolar disorder emerges through episodes of mania.

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