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Sample Statement of Purpose

Sample Statement of Purpose

Your Statement of Purpose should explain your reasons for interest in the program; reasons for interest in School of Public Health; and should describe your career goals, as well as what you hope to accomplish with this degree. We suggest a length of between 500 and 1,000


Statement of Purpose

Living through the Coronavirus pandemic taught me essential life lessons, primarily on public health knowledge’s role in mitigating epidemics and pandemics. Covid-19 and its many variants have been described using various terms, and one that has remained embedded in my mind is its referral as “the unseen enemy.”

While many would take such a description for granted, I consider it an eye-opening term that has helped me decide my career plan and path. Together with the critical decision-makers, including the significant morbidity and mortality witnessed during the pandemic and historically from similar pandemics and epidemics across the globe, I am convinced that through the epidemiology program, I will gain evidence-based skills and practical knowledge and understanding of critical public health issues and mitigation measures.

First forward, epidemiology is a critical study that involves understanding the public health determinants, including the distribution and patterns of disease conditions, which I believe are critical to preventing and mitigating public health issues.

The epidemiology program merges various disciplines, including public health and epidemiology courses, research methodologies, biostatistics, and data analysis which makes it suitable for me, considering my desire to develop appropriate research skills critical for a public health career.

In this regard, I would like to develop analytical and problem-solving skills and pursue a career path in epidemiology. It would allow me to be innovative in identifying appropriate population health intervention techniques and support communities with limited resources to improve their health.

My long-term goal for seeking admission for this course is to be in a position to positively impact society and advocate for evidence-based interventions to support healthy communities, including proper food and water sanitation, as well as community participation.

I look forward to being part of community public health advocates and educators in establishing and promoting a safe living environment and conditions. My short-term goals are to focus on the program, finish and graduate, engage in various community-based epidemiological interventions, and network with experts to improve my practical skills in the field.

I believe that as a young person, learning by doing and listening more to experts in the field will be critical in amassing the right and desired skills for a successful career in epidemiology. Besides, I desire to obtain a significant understanding of infectious diseases, which will be crucial in learning and equipping myself with the industry-relevant evidence-based tools for infectious disease diagnosis, interventions, and novel means to combat potential and actual threats.

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Sample statement of purpose
Sample Statement of Purpose

I have been involved in various community health drives as a volunteer, including community clean-up days and community centers. Through these volunteers, I have understood human-environment interactions and the impact of community involvement in disseminating empirical knowledge.

Furthermore, getting involved in the community is critical in understanding the health determinants, the potential sources of outbreaks, and the stimulating factors, including culture and living conditions. Since epidemiology links community aspects to health conditions, it is an ideal program for an individual interested in helping the community to understand the various health issues and contribute to their management.

On a personal level, I am a hard-working and cooperative individual. I believe I am the right candidate not because of my aspirations and academic qualification but also my soft skills, including leadership ability, organizational skills, and effective communication. I believe I will be a fit with other students and together work towards sustaining and improving the university’s image through academic and social excellence. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to my time at the institution.

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