There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on Psychology to choose from. Whatever you choose to write about, make sure you back up your claims with evidence and research. Here are just a few examples:

Argumentative Essay Topics Psychology

  1. Discuss how eating disorders can make life hard for a young girl
  2. Depression sets in as a result of so many reasons. Explain some of the causes of depression, highlighting how to deal with them effectively.
  3. What brings about phobia?
  4. What is a borderline personality disorder? Describe it, citing relevant examples
  5. Explain how seasonal affective disorder affects individuals in society and cite some of the challenges that they go through
  6. Discuss schizophrenia and how it affects those in the community who have to live with it
  7. Antisocial personality disorder has been prevalent, especially with many people getting addicted to their computers and the internet. Discuss how this challenge can be solved
  8. Profile cognitive behaviour therapy and discuss the challenges that are associated with this treatment
  9. Describe the chronology of events in dreams, and cite the meaning and importance of each?
  10. Is emotional intelligence as important as other forms of intelligence?
  11. What method of communication is best for children?
  12. Why is it that teenagers blame themselves and internal factors for negative events in their lives but as they age people blame external factors?
  13. Do children grow up more mature and socialized if they have siblings?
  14. Are certain addictions more serious than others?
  15. Are children with ADHD being given too many drugs?
  16. Should the court system be changed with regard to child custody cases in favor of the father equally to the mother?
  17. Should attachment parenting be stopped?

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There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on Psychology, Psychology essay prompts, Persuasive psychology topics, Psychology essay prompts, and Psychology persuasive Essay topics to choose from.

Argumentative Essay Topics Psychology and mental Health

  1. The impact of social media on mental health.
  2. The relationship between mental health and addiction.
  3. The effects of trauma on mental health.
  4. The connection between mental health and physical health.
  5. The role of family and friends in supporting mental health.
  6. The importance of self-care for maintaining mental health.
  7. The impact of stress on mental health.
  8. The link between mental health and chronic illness.
  9. The relationship between mental health and work productivity.

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The psychological issues that we face today are more complex and multifaceted than ever before. And, as a result, there are a lot of great arguable topics in psychology. Here’s a list you can use;

Arguable topics in psychology

  1. Should surrogacy be legalized or illegalized completely?
  2. People belonging to the same sex should be allowed to marry anywhere in the world
  3. Should the use of nuclear weapons be shunned by all countries once and for all?
  4. Any company that test products on animals should be made to pay double the tax
  5. Plastic surgery should be allowed for only accident victims
  6. A professional actor cannot be a professional poker player at the same time
  7. Outlawing of leather and fur made products
  8. Teens should be able to use birth control pills when they need to
  9. The church and the state should be made completely exclusive

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There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to writing a Persuasive essay on psychology. The key is to find a topic that is interesting to you and that you can make a strong case for. Here are some potential topics to get you started:

Persuasive psychology topics

  1. How Sexual Perversion Develops
  2. Socio-psychological typology
  3. Possible Solutions To Death Anxiety
  4. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  5. Self-Mutilation
  6. Social Pathology
  7. Psychological features of adolescents with neurogenic anorexia.
  8. Clinical manifestations of postpartum psychoses
  9. The Early Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder
  10. Phobic disorders in a person with schizophrenia
  11. How Psychological Issues Lead To Suicide
  12. Diagnostics of sexual perversion
  13. Sleepwalking disorder among young people
  14. How can music serve as a form of therapy for mental health disorder?
  15. The Characters Of A Typical Example Of A Person With Schizophrenia
  16. Does a typical serial killer suffer from a psychological disorder?
  17. Parapsychology and paranormal phenomenon
  18. The Causes Of Mood Disorders
  19. Investigating the causes of alternative reality
  20. The interrelation of traumatic experience
  21. Professional burnout as a particular form of professional destruction
  22. The primary cause of abnormal brain development
  23. Influence of advertising on people with mental pathology
  24. The relationship between brain development and abnormal behaviors

There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on Psychology, Psychology essay prompts, Persuasive psychology topics, Psychology essay prompts, and Psychology persuasive Essay topics to choose from.

Arguments in psychology

  1. Gender identity disorder- The main controversy about gender disorder is about its treatment. Individuals wonder whether it is okay to allow people to define themselves if they feel their gender is mismatched or should they be encouraged to accept their physical gender.
  2. Marriage Equality- Supporters of marriage equality argue that individuals who do not qualify for traditional marriage should still be given equal rights as traditional couples. However, those who oppose marriage equality argue that a recognized marriage is only between a man and a woman. Also, the marriage equality opponents view nontraditional romantic marriages a sin according to the Bible.
  3. Homosexuality-
  4. Childhood bipolar disorder- Diagnosing children with a disorder that is thought to occur in adults is psychologically controversial.
  5. Child developmental factors- Child development has been debated over a long time.
  6. Abortion- Supporters argue that pregnant women have the right to seek pregnancy termination because they are in control of their bodies. Other individuals believe that no one should have the right to access an abortion and they consider it murder.

Social psychology argumentative topics

  1. How peer pressure affects behaviors.
  2. What causes bullying?
  3. Effects of negative reinforcement on behavior
  4. How to handle grief.
  5. Should therapists be in romantic relations with their clients?
  6. Reconciliation after betrayal.
  7. How culture cushions behavior.
  8. The psychological effect of dealing with a terminal illness.
  9. Causes Of Personality Disorders
  10. Borderline Personality Disorder
  11. Therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  12. A psychotherapeutic approach in investing Antisocial Behavior
  13. Bipolar Disorder
  14. The Psychological Aspect Of Suicide
  15. Treatment of anorexia nervosa
  16. The cause of persistent hallucination

The good news is that there are plenty of great Psychology essay prompts topics for college students. The key is to pick a topic that is both interesting and informative. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Psychology essay prompts

  1. Psychology and Its Importance for the Sports TeamFrom an early age, people compete and assert themselves. The development of various sports training methods is impossible without studying, on the one hand, the characteristic features, and sports activities, and, on the other, the personality of the athlete as a subject of this activity.
  2. Social Influence Psychology Summarization- When one thinks of social influence, the usual type of example that readily comes to one’s mind is a direct attempt at persuasion, which is when one person deliberately tries to change another person’s behavior or attitude.
  3. Cognitive Psychology Discussion: Long-Term Memory- In my life, the Biblical knowledge that I possess at the moment has come from various sources, including previous experiences. In my episodic memory, there are very illustrative cases of deviations from values promoted in the Bible.
  4. Developmental Psychology: Nature or Nurture? There are six major questions that can be addressed in developmental psychology. One of the most interesting themes is the role of nature in the development of child psychology. The reason is that I was always excited about how some people are so good at some things.
  5. The Psychology of Faith in False Sources – The information space during the pandemic contains conflicting and overabundant information about the coronavirus in various forms, from reports to YouTube commentary. Regardless of age, gender, or education, patients may come to believe in conspiracy theories and false data.
  6. Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methods In Psychology – Introduction Psychologists use different research methods to study sex and relationships. These methods can be either quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative research may consist of surveys, self-report questionnaires, measurements, experimental studies, correlational designs, laboratory and ethological studies, psychometric scales, etc. Qualitative research gathers data through interviews, document and text analyses, observations.
  7. The Documentary “Origins of Us”: Environmental Psychology – Watching the documentary “Origins of us” elicits the thought of where we have come from as a species. It is impossible to watch this documentary without wondering how our ancestors looked like millions of years ago.
  8. Personality Psychology: Relation to Nursing Home Residents – What is personality psychology? For this presentation, I have decided to talk about personality psychology and describe it specifically in relation to nursing home residents. Therefore, it is first necessary to understand what personality psychology is, what it does, and how popular it is.
  9. Cognitive Psychology: Processes of the Brain – The three main components of memory are sensory, short-term, and long-term memory. In this essay, I shall concentrate on how the information travels in the three components and on how the brain process this information.
  10. Social Psychology: Race, Racism, and Discrimination – The fact that human beings belong to the same species is undoubted. Moreover, understanding race, racism, and discrimination are equally important, since the whole matter of race and racism revolves around the human ethnic background.
  11. Mother Teresa’s Analysis in Humanistic Psychology – Mother Teresa was a missionary and nun in the Catholic Church, born in Albania, Macedonia, in 1910 to the family of Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu. She became a teacher in India for more than 17 years before becoming the headmistress of Loreto convent, Calcutta, in 1944.
  12. Health Psychology and Activists’ Views on Obesity – Among the latest common and serious health challenges that people face globally is obesity or overweight. It occurs not only in cities but also in rural areas, affecting people of all ages and social statuses.
  13. Psychology: Sensation and Perception – Sensation and perception are distinct, interlinked, and complementary processes that enable people to interact with and interpret the world. The former denotes a sensory receptor’s stimulation resulting in the production of nerve impulses, which travel to the brain for subsequent interpretation as visual images, pain, touch, sound, or odor.
  14. Educational Psychology in Teaching – The process of identity development in children can be supported in the school environment. Erikson’s perspective on the subject matter would pertain to his theory of the stages of psychosocial development.
  15. Landmark Studies in Psychology and Ethical Concerns- In the execution of analysis, ethics applies to the proper rules of procedure. Persons have a legal duty to avoid damage to study participants. The landmark studies in psychology mentioned the episode of “Redefining the reality: the intellectual Implications of Modern Science” will be considered unethical in modern days.
  16. Crime Explanation Using Biology and Psychology – Comprehensive explanations on the theory of Cesare Lombroso’s have been discussed indicating that criminals could be picked out and determined by their physique, attributes and appearance.
  17. Psychodynamic Perspective of Psychology – In the past, people’s knowledge of psychology was limited to their visits to marriage counselors, religious leaders, family therapists, and traditional dispute handlers. Psychologists were considered to be those who resolved conflicts and offered guidance during distress.
  18. Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling – Abstract Criminal profiling and forensic psychology have become vital tools in solving mysteries of crimes for many law enforcement agencies across the world. Criminal profiling employs psychology to access the minds of offenders, bringing them to justice.
  19. How the Main Theoretical Perspectives in Psychology Explain Human Behavior -So far, there are several main theoretical perspectives that dominate in the field of psychology and that are being studied by scholars. In various ways, they all explain human behavior in particular conditions and situations, although this same behavior may be interpreted differently in these theories.
  20. The Role of Psychology in Othering of Disability – The distinction of people as those related to a dominating group and others has been a subject of an ongoing discussion of sociology and psychology. As the contemporary world becomes more inclusive in terms of eliminating discrimination, the discussion of othering as a concept becomes particularly relevant.
  21. Terrorists’ Motives: The Psychology of the Individual -Society today is threatened with organized terrorism that is perpetrated by various groups. Terrorists’ motives are influenced by individual psychology as well as the sociological impact of the group. The psychological make up of a person is the natural tendency to act in certain ways.

How do you think sexism and racism have changed since the 1950s?

There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on Psychology, Psychology essay prompts, Persuasive psychology topics, Psychology essay prompts, and Psychology persuasive Essay topics to choose from.

Psychology persuasive Essay topics

  1. Does body pain come from the mind?
  2. What is behavioral therapy?
  3. Can living standards lead to depression?
  4. The latest development in the field of clinical psychology.
  5. The role of watching video games on aggressive behaviors.
  6. Does domestic violence lead to mental illness among victims?
  7. Does stress lead to fast aging?
  8. Triggers of psychopathic conducts among adolescents.
  9. Underlying issues that produce serial killers.
  10. Factors that increase the likelihood of child abuse.
  11. Does money increase mental stability?
  12. Do women suffer less from mental illness?

Psychology Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Multiple personality disorder.
  2. Anorexia in children.
  3. The connection between self-esteem and self-damaging behavior
  4. The ethics behind the Stanford prison experiment
  5. Teenage Suicide As A Form Of Psychological Disorder
  6. The causes of recurrent depression
  7. How Math Anxiety Is A Psychological Issue
  8. The Diagnosis Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  9. Past life regression therapy
  10. Self-mutilation for coping.
  11. Features of hypochondriac and senestopathic disorders
  12. The connection between temperament and the way adolescents incline towards deviant behavior
  13. The causes of a surge in suicide rates.
  14. How to control anxiety and depression.
  15. Effects of drug abuse on mental health.
  16. Clinical treatment of addictions.

There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on Psychology, Psychology essay prompts, Persuasive psychology topics, Psychology essay prompts, and Psychology persuasive Essay topics to choose from.

In addition we will highlight what you should include in your research paper introduction.

1. Present your topic

In simple terms, start by writing what your topic is about. We recommended that you start with the broad/general topic and narrow it down. It is also advisable to include a personal reference – if there is one. You should also include your insights, opinions, and personal views. If our topic has jargon that the reader may not be familiar with, make sure that you explain them briefly and clearly.

2. Provide background information or context

Of course, you have conducted plenty of research on your topic, and you are very familiar with it. You should provide appropriate and relevant information to your readers so that they can be able to understand what your topic is about. Focus on what the reader needs as far as the research paper goes. However, avoid giving too much information.

3. Define your reasoning

Your readers need to know how and why your research paper topic is relevant to them. Your topic should also be pertinent to your field and society. This is vital since it shows your research paper’s importance to the readers.

There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on Psychology, Psychology essay prompts, and Persuasive psychology topics to choose from.

4. Highlight your thesis statement

The thesis statement usually comes at the end of the research paper’s introduction. It refers to the main point or main idea of your research paper. In other words, it highlights what your paper is about. A thesis statement is crucial since it sets the tone for the rest of the research paper. It should be clear, assertive, engaging, and easily understandable by all your readers.

5. Finalize with the outline

An outline is a paragraph of three or four sentences that details your research paper’s plan. An outline helps you organize your thoughts, ensure that there is nothing you are forgetting, and help your research paper’s information continuity.

Here are additional things you should know after selecting a Good Argumentative Essay Topics on Psychology

There are plenty of good argumentative essay topics on psychology, psychology essay prompts, and persuasive psychology topics to choose from.
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