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Argumentative Essay Topics about Social Media [Updated]

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics about Social Media

One of the most difficult parts of writing Unique Argumentative Essay Topics about Social Media is coming up with a topic and a thesis statement. Here’s a comprehensive list of Unique Argumentative essay topics about social media. 

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Social Media

  1. Contents that users post on social media should be censored
  2. Life is meaningless without social networks
  3. The impact of social media on business
  4. Is social media making us more narcissistic?
  5. Social networks promote widespread rumors and false information
  6. False media images and their effects on media users
  7. Social networks promote laziness among teens
  8. Do social media influence activism and revolution on the world stage?
  9. Social media issues related to race and religion
  10. Business adverts on social media reach more people than business adverts on TV
  11. The world before and after social media.
  12. Do social media create isolation?
  13. There are institutions of work that ban the employees from using social media at work, or getting access to any of the websites or applications that operate these services. Discuss the impact of such rules on productivity.
  14. Social media has opened a new way of doing business.
  15. Social networks require censoring
  16. How to overcome social media addiction?
  17. Privacy in Social Media.
  18. How is immigration portrayed in social media?
  19. Will social media change the future of international politics?
  20. How can social media change the attitude of youths?

Controversial Argumentative Essay topics on social media

  1. Are social networks effective in solving human health or life problems?
  2. The impact of social media on public relations practice
  3. Is it good to post personal information on Social Media platforms?
  4. The impact of social media on education
  5. Highlight the point of a user’s privacy on social networks. Is it risky to post individual and intimate information or not?
  6. Social media in enhancing happiness
  7. Should youths be taught to be cautious about what they post online?
  8. Discuss how social media has helped in creating world peace.
  9. Is social media a source of depression in young people?
  10. Social media kills loneliness and depression among teenagers
  11. Why is social media bad?
  12. Social media in the workplace: to what extent should it be tolerated?
  13. Does social media improve or spoil family relationships?
  14. How does social media influence children?
  15. In what way can the government monitor a user’s information given in social accounts.
  16. Facebook – the perfect place to promote your business and yourself
  17. The importance of social media online presence for individuals and businesses
  18. Business promotions on social media
  19. Teenagers get inspiration from social networks
  20. Should the government introduce laws to ensure that more can be done to censor both content and individuals on social media, particularly in cases that incite any form of discrimination or involve cyberbullying?

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Argumentative Essay Topics Social Media

  1. Pros and cons of using social media
  2. Social media promotes indecent dressings among young people
  3. How safe is it to make new friends on social media?
  4. The government will always have mechanisms in place to monitor the events that go on in the social circle. Discuss whether these are an infringement of the privacy of users on social media or not.
  5. Is social media a social problem or a social solution?
  6. How does humor affect mental health in social media?
  7. Discuss the effectiveness of using social media advocates to help improve the overall appeal of your brand.
  8. Teenagers deserve unrestricted access to social networks
  9. The role of networking in the life of contemporary society
  10. Explain how social media has helped in the spread of radicalization.
  11. What is the real value of social media?
  12. Are influential people, celebrities, and politicians recommended holding public accounts? Why?
  13. Social networks promote suicide
  14. Interpersonal relationships are becoming weaker because of social networking
  15. How has social media made digital marketing possible?
  16. Over the years social media has become more welcome in schools. discuss citing benefits and disadvantages.
  17. Social media connects students for information sharing
  18. Analyze and compare the life before and after social media.
  19. The freedom of speech in social media
  20. How people use social networking during calamities
  21. Is social networks a boon or bane for our society?
  22. Is social media causing more harm than good?
  23. Social media: the best platform for cyberbullying.
  24. Do you ever worry about the negative impacts of social media on our youth?
  25. What are the negative psychological effects caused by social media?
  26. Social networks have increased the crime rate all around the world
  27. Cause and effect of social media
  28. Children engaged in more exciting activities before  social networks got invented
  29. Facebook is better than Twitter when it comes to news updates
  30. Social media promotes violence in society
  31. Explain how social media has been influential in business.
  32. Positive and negative effects of social media
  33. Social media addiction is worse than drug addiction
  34. Social media promotes healthy lifestyles among teenagers
  35. Does a social site provoke “live” communication problems in people?
  36. The impact of social media on society
  37. To what extent should social media be tolerated in the workplace?
  38. Social media is full of dubious users
  39. The effects of Instagram on young adults
  40. Account Management problems in Social Media
  41. Discuss some ethical considerations that fly out of the window when you are thinking about setting up an account on social media.
  42. How do social media influence social awareness in the world?
  43. The liberal bias of social networks: analysis of the problem
  44. Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook
  45. Any media file saved in social networks is not private
  46. Is social media the best platform to do business?
  47. Does social networking increase the number of employed people and decrease the level of unemployment?
  48. The rate of defrauding increased after social media got invented
  49. Why do professionals use LinkedIn?
  50. Twitter: an ideal place to get trending ideas on many things
  51. The impact of social media on youth
  52. There are a lot of world leaders that hold social media accounts. Discuss whether this is a good or a bad idea.
  53. What kind of personal details can be posted safely on the social account?
  54. Discuss the importance of social media.
  55. The impact of social media within the workplace
  56. How has social media affected youth’s moral behavior?
  57. Is social media corrupting the idea of democracy?

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What is the right way of writing an argumentative essay about social media?

Read the assignment instructions.

Read the instruction sheet to understand what is needed for your argumentative essay. The instruction will be the pivoting point you use to create the outline. You will know the formatting styles, paper length, and due date. When you got all the instructions at your fingertips, making a working plan will be easier.

Identify the research topic.

Until you know what you are writing about, you can’t start the writing. Look for the best research topic you would love to discuss in your assignment. This applies to those who haven’t been given a specific research topic. 

Brainstorm to come up with the most relevant topic. Additionally, you would get help from recommendations in previous research articles. Always discuss a focused argumentative essay topic.

Do research

It’s an argumentative essay, so there is no shortcut to doing research. As you are researching, look for primary sources, skim them and come up with summary notes. 

You should keep a written record when researching to ensure you don’t omit vital information. Formulate questions you will be answering as you research; that way, the process will be simple.

Have a thesis and paper outline

You have acquired enough knowledge on your research topic and have all the reference materials. Next, you need to have the thesis. 

A thesis sets the objective of your research and is a map for your readers. How are you planning to present our ideas? Following the assignment’s requirements, set an outline that meets all the instructions. 

Be critical when creating the structure to ensure you have an easy way to present your arguments. Never omit the conclusion and introduction paragraphs. The body sections will vary based on the topic you are discussing but make it appealing to the readers.

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Write original content

After all this preparation, you can start writing. Your summary notes will be guiding your ideas but make sure you don’t copy-paste. 

Rely on what your brain is synthesizing from the research and write those points in your words. 

Add citations when you are referring to other sources to avoid plagiarism problems. Write clear sentences, use understandable grammar, and active voice tone.

Edit and proofread

The rough draft is ready and needs editing before submission. Edit the paper for content, grammar, spelling, and other areas that requires refurbishing. 

Never submit the argumentative essay before re-reading it. Proofreading and editing are the last steps of writing a perfect argumentative essay

Through proofreading, you enhance the accuracy, consistency, and relevance of your paper.

Have you been looking for the right way to write an argumentative essay? With these tips, nothing can stand in your way. You have everything to write the best argumentative essay now. 

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