Best Nursing Presentation Topics

Similar to nursing essays, research papers, and care plans, nursing presentations are frequently assigned tasks in nursing education. They serve a crucial purpose in evaluating and refining nurses’ abilities to communicate effectively. Typically, these presentations in nursing school are around 10-15 minutes long, necessitating students to identify suitable topics of this duration. Additionally, students might find it helpful to have access to a nursing presentation template and various examples for guidance.

Before you start thinking about topics for a 10-15 minute nursing presentation, you need to ask yourself some important questions about the task.

These questions might include:

  • How many slides should I make?
  • How much time should I spend on each slide?
  • How fast should I speak? Number of Slides to Use

Your 10-15 minute nursing presentation should fit within a certain number of PowerPoint slides.

So, how many should there be?

Usually, you can follow these guidelines:

  • A total of 10 slides
  • 8 slides for ideas (1 idea per slide)
  • 1 slide for introduction
  • 1 slide for conclusion As seen in good nursing presentations, a 10-minute talk should have 10 slides in total.

Presentation structure

  • Introduction: 1 slide
  • Main Content (8 ideas): 1 idea per slide
  • Conclusion: 1 slide Time for Each Slide

When picking your 10-15 minute nursing presentation topics, you should estimate how much time to spend on each slide.

Remember, though you need to present all 10 slides in 10-15 minutes, some slides will need more time than others.

Some slides are more complicated and detailed than others.

As a general rule, aim for each slide to take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Different types of slides

  • Complex slides: 2 minutes
  • Transition slides: 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Slides where you engage with the audience: 30 seconds to 1 minute Speaking Speed

How quickly you speak is also important when talking about 10-15 minute nursing presentation topics.

How can you make sure your speaking speed matches the time you’ve allocated for each slide?

Your speaking speed affects how clear your presentation is and how well the audience can understand it.

Generally, you should speak at a moderate speed:

  • Between 100 and 150 words per minute. Your speaking speed should also consider a few things:
  • How well your audience knows the language: Speak slower if your audience isn’t fluent in the language.
  • How much your audience knows about the topic: Speak slower if your audience isn’t experts in the topic you’re presenting.
  • Your presentation style: Speak slower if you’re having a conversation instead of giving a prepared talk.
  • Your natural speaking pace: Stick to what feels comfortable and natural for you. Ideas for 10-15 Minute Nursing Presentation Topics

Top Nursing Informative Speech Topics

Areas of nursing you can explore

Here are some examples:

  • Current challenges and trends in nursing (e.g. nursing shortages, impacts of COVID-19, telehealth expansion)
  • Nursing theories and philosophies (e.g. Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory, Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring)
  • Effective communication strategies for nurses
  • Patient education techniques (e.g. for specific conditions like diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
  • Cultural competence in nursing practice
  • Ethical issues in nursing (e.g. end-of-life care, patient autonomy, allocating limited resources)
  • Leadership and management skills for nurses
  • Quality improvement processes in healthcare settings
  • Evidence-based practice and nursing research
  • Specific medical conditions/procedures (e.g. congestive heart failure, wound care, IV therapy)
  • Maternal and newborn nursing care
  • Pediatric nursing considerations
  • Gerontological nursing and caring for older adults
  • Mental health nursing (e.g. depression, anxiety, substance abuse)
  • Home health and community nursing roles
  • Nursing informatics and technology use
  • Complementary and alternative therapies in nursing
  • Emergency/trauma nursing scenarios
  • Infection control and prevention practices
  • Workplace safety and nursing ergonomics
  • Professional development and continuing nursing education
  • Nursing career specialties (e.g. critical care, operating room, case management)

Each of these areas offers a range of topics you can cover in a 10-15 minute presentation, from examining specific health issues to discussing ethical considerations in nursing care.