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Controversial Psychology Topics | Example & Outline

Psychology is a field of study that is always evolving, and there are often new controversial topics emerging. In this article, we will explore some of the most controversial Psychology Topics, including social media addiction, the impact of nature vs. nurture, and the use of psychiatric medication.

Controversial Psychology Topics

1. Is intelligence determined by genes or environment?
2. Nature vs. Nurture: which is more important in determining human behavior?
3. Can we truly know ourselves?
4. The power of positive thinking – is it all it’s cracked up to be?
5. Do our memories always reflect reality, or are they sometimes inaccurate?
6. Is there such a thing as “true love”?
7. Do people really change, or do they just stay the same?
8. Is there a link between mental illness and creativity?
9. Should psychological therapy be used to treat criminals?
10. Can psychology be used to “cure” homophobia?
11. Should psychologists be allowed to prescribe medication?
12. Is there a connection between violence and mental illness?
13. Do we have control over our own destiny, or is everything predetermined?
14. Is psychology really a science, or is it more of an art form?
15. Do we only use a small percentage of our brain’s potential?
16. Are people born gay or do they become gay?
17. Can psychology help us to understand andtreat addiction?
18. Does our sexuality belong to us, or is it influenced by society and culture?
19. Is there a link between mental illness and genius?
20. Should psychological treatment be used to change someone’s religious beliefs?
21. Can therapy help people to deal with grief?
22. How much of our behavior is determined by our genes?
23. Is it possible to “repress” memories of traumatic events?
24. Do we all have a “type” when it comes to romantic relationships?
25. Is there such a thing as an “evil” gene?
26. Are some people predisposed to being serial killers?
27. Is it possible to rehabilitate psychopaths?
28. How does psychology affect our legal system?
29. Can therapy help people with borderline personality disorder?
30. Is multiple personality disorder a real condition, or is it just made up for Hollywood movies?

Controversial Psychology Ideas

1. The power of the human mind – can we really control our thoughts and actions?
2. The nature of mental illness – is it all in our heads?
3. The definition of intelligence – how do we measure it?
4. The impact of genes on behavior – are we predetermined by our DNA?
5. The importance of early childhood experiences – can they shape our entire lives?
6. The role of memories in our lives – are they always accurate?
7. The influence of media and technology on our behavior – are we becoming slaves to screens?
8. The impact of sleep on our health and well-being – how much do we really need?
9. The dangers of stress – can it lead to physical and mental health problems?
10. The benefits of exercise – does it make us happier and healthier?

Unique Psychology Topics

When it comes to psychology, there are a lot of controversial topics. This is a list of thirty unique psychology topics that can be used for a paper or blog post.

1. The power of the subconscious mind.
2. The impact of nature vs. nurture.
3. The definition of mental illness.
4. The root causes of addiction.
5. How childhood trauma affects adulthood.
6. The role of genes in psychological disorders.
7. The efficacy of psychiatric medication.
8. The link between violence and mental illness.
9. Whether or not intelligence is genetic.
10. The existence of multiple personalities.
11. Dissociative identity disorder (DID) and false memories.
12 .The power of suggestion and hypnosis.
13 .How our memories can be biased and inaccurate .
14 .How first impressions are often wrong .
15 .The sunk cost fallacy and other decision-making biases .
16 .The importance of critical thinking skills .
17 .The placebo effect and the power of the mind .
18 .The dangers of confirmation bias 

1. Psychology of religion
2. Evolutionary psychology
3. Psychophysics
4. Gestalt psychology
5. Skinnerian behaviorism
6. Psychoanalytic theory
7. Developmental psychology
8. Industrial and organizational psychology
9. Environmental psychology
10. Educational psychology
11. Positive psychology
12. Cross-cultural psychology
13. Neuroscience
14. Cognitive science
15. Social psychology
16. Forensic psychology
17. Health psychology
18. Sports psychology
19. Consumer psychology
20. Military psychology/psychiatry
21. Parapsychology/ESP/psychic phenomena
22. Abnormal/clinical/counseling/personality disorders
23. Mental illness stigma and discrimination
24. Psychotherapy efficacy/effectiveness/evidence-based practice
25, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
26, Anxiety disorders
27, Depression
28, Bipolar disorder

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Controversial Psychology Topics

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