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Good Argumentative Essay Topics on Human Trafficking with Prompts

Human Trafficking is a controversial and often underserved topic. It’s also an important one. There are many argumentative essay topics on human trafficking you could choose to write about. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Can abolishing Sex Work help reduce human trafficking cases
    Essay prompt: Sex work should be abolished but with consideration to the impact it has on vulnerable groups, particularly women. However, I do not think it would end human trafficking but it will surely contribute to its reduction. Sex work is one of the biggest contributors to human trafficking.
  2. Sex trafficking and comparing it to a book called “Oryx and Crake”
    Essay prompt: Sex trafficking is a violation of human rights. Human trafficking is a serious crime. Sex trafficking involves activities like sex exploitation and sex slavery. The consent of a person cannot be relevant if it was obtained by coercion, fraud, or deception.

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  1. Combating Human Trafficking Through Facial Recognition
    Essay prompt: Trafficking in persons continues to be a growing global health issue. Often, people do not entirely understand the circumstances regarding why people become trafficking victims.
  2. Providing Better Services for Human Trafficking Survivors
    Essay prompt: Human trafficking is a major challenge facing society today. Improving coordination among all entities involved, including local and federal enforcement, health care, social services, and non-governmental organizations will be integral to improving the outcomes for survivors of the vice.
  3. Briefing Paper Topic Proposal: Human Trafficking
    Essay prompt: Women and children are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking, with mean, purpose, and the act itself important ingredients to determine human trafficking…
  4. Human Trafficking and Nurse’s Understanding
    Essay prompt: Human trafficking is a commercial activity involving human beings as the prime goods for forced labor, sexual motives, and removal of body organs such as ova in females. The act is illegal since it has some negative consequences on the psychological, health, safety, and violation of human rights.
  5. Human Trafficking and its Impacts on the Health Care Industry
    Essay prompt: Globalization and the international political economy have resulted in a rapid interconnection between the nations therein. Nowadays, countries are so interconnected that the world has become more like one global village. It has made life more convenient and business more expansive.
  6. Law Essay: Human Trafficking and Crimes Against Children
    Essay prompt: Human Trafficking and Crimes Against Children. Identify and Discuss the Process, Means, And Ends of Human Trafficking. (Argumentative Essay Topics on Human Trafficking)
  7. Sex Trafficking and Its Reporting
    Essay prompt: Despite advancements in technology and tight security across the borders of North American countries, sex trafficking remains rampant. In the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 15,000 foreigners are trafficked every year.

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  1. Worldwide Database on Human Trafficking. Law Coursework
    Essay prompt: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is responsible for fighting against international crime, human and drug trafficking.

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