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Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

You’ve been asked to give a persuasive speech and you’re drawing a blank. What could you possibly talk about that would be both interesting and informative? Fear not! This article will give you plenty of great ideas for medical persuasive speech topics.

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

1. The pros and cons of medical marijuana.

2. The pros and cons of assisted suicide.

3. The pros and cons of human cloning.

4. The pros and cons of genetic engineering.

5. The pros and cons of vaccinations.

6. The pros and cons of stem cell research.

7. The pros and cons of animal testing in the medical field.

8. Should the government provide free healthcare? Why or why not?

9. Should people have the right to refuse medical treatment? Why or why not?

10. Are there any ethical considerations when it comes to medical research? What are they?

11. Is there a difference between “medical care” and “healthcare”? What is it?

12. Who should make decisions about a person’s medical care: the patient, the doctor, or someone else? Why?

13. What are the potential risks and benefits of using alternative medicine?

14. Is there a difference between “complementary” and “alternative” medicine? What is it?

15.Should insurance companies cover alternative therapies? Why or why not?

Medical Persuasive Speech Ideas

1. Is there a link between mobile phone usage and cancer?
2. Should there be a ban on smoking in all public places?
3. Are energy drinks bad for your health?
4. Should the government do more to promote healthy eating?
5. Is fast food bad for your health?
6. Should the government ban junk food advertising aimed at children?
7. Is too much screen time bad for children’s health?
8. Should schools do more to promote physical activity?
9. Is sugar really that bad for your health?
10. Are artificial sweeteners better for your health than sugar?
11. Is it safe to use mercury fillings in teeth?
12. Are vaccines safe?
13. Do cell phones emit harmful radiation?
14. Does electromagnetic radiation from power lines cause cancer?
15. Should people with chronic illnesses be allowed to use medical marijuana?
16. Is it ethical to test new drugs and treatments on animals first?
17. Are clinical trials safe for human subjects?
18. Who should have the right to end their life – patients or doctors?
19. Is it ethical to buy and sell organs on the black market?

Medical Persuasive Topics

1. The benefits of a plant-based diet.
2. The importance of vaccinations.
3. The dangers of tobacco use.
4. The benefits of regular exercise.
5. The importance of early detection and treatment of cancer.
6. The dangers of drinking too much alcohol.
7. The importance of seat belts and car safety features.
8. The dangers of texting while driving.
9. The importance of sunscreen and skin cancer prevention.
10.The importance of dental hygiene.
11. The dangers of anorexia and other eating disorders.
12. The importance of mental health awareness and treatment.
13. The dangers of substance abuse.
14. The importance of sex education and safe sex practices.
15. The dangers of being overweight or obese.
16. The importance of regular medical and dental check-ups.
17. The importance of getting enough sleep.
18.The risks associated with energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages.
19.The dangers of cyberbullying.
20.The importance of choosing a reputable healthcare provider.

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Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

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