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How to Write an Essay quickly: 3 Different Methods

Wondering how to write an essay quickly? Discussed below are 3 different methods with their respective step to be taken on how to write an essay quickly. These are essential methods for writing an essay quickly and something that professional writers have been using for a long time.

You see, in order to write an essay quickly, you need to be flexible and make progress at all times. Fortunately for you, we’ve figured it out and can now tell you exactly how to go about it. Make sure to keep in mind that if you aren’t interested in writing, you can always ORDER college papers or essays from a professional writer.

How to write an essay quickly: Method 1

1. Read and Understand the Essay Question

Imagine using your little time to write something, only to discover later that you are completely out of topic.

We all don’t want that to happen. Most students get low marks in their essays, not because they miswrote them, but because they didn’t answer the essay question.

So, save yourself the agony by first reading and understanding the problem.

2. Identify the type of essay required.

To write an essay fast and well, you need to identify the type of essay that your professor wants you to write.

There are three main types of essays that students have to write during their time at college or university – argumentative, informative, and critically reflective.

In the argumentative essay, you have to present a point of view and try to persuade your audience. In the informative essay, you need to cover all the essential points of your subject in order for your reader to gain an understanding of it.

And lastly, in the critically reflective essay, you will be asked whether you agree with someone else’s standpoint.

In all of these essay types, you will have to consider different approaches based on the type of essay that you are being asked to write.

The introduction and conclusion don’t necessarily stay the same as they do in a persuasive essay for example, because your reader is expecting a different piece of writing with a different focus.

3. Plan your time

Many students fail to plan their essays. They ignore this step telling themselves there is no time to prepare.

If you are one such student, you should know you waste more time if you don’t skip planning than if you space a little time to develop an essay plan.

It’s the ultimate hack to getting your essay done faster. 

Set timelines for yourself to work within. You can note them down or even set reminders on your cell phone.

The nature of these timelines is such as “to complete research in the next two hours.” Distribute the time you have accordingly and make sure you stick to the plan.

4. Compress all your thoughts on paper

Outline how you intend your essay to appear. Write all the ideas that come to your mind.

Let your thoughts flow freely onto the paper, then sort out and organize them.

It will help you handle the chaos in your mind and have a structure to follow as you write your essay.

You could say you are killing two birds with a single stone, as you are arranging your points while also saving time.

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5. Carry out thorough research

Even an urgent essay requires some groundwork and preparation.

Your audience won’t appreciate a shallow and repetitive paper based solely on vague, unconvincing arguments. 

Start searching for the right material and sources that will help you to focus on what the audience expects.

Often topics can be confusing, and sometimes only research sheds light on the subject. However, do not spend all of your time researching.

To make this process shorter, use materials you can easily access to gather information. 

6. Create an outline in 5 minutes

An outline will help make essay writing fast and easy.

If you use a template or pre-formatted outline, it is going to take a fraction of the time it would take to write a paper from scratch.

Besides, outlines not only save your time but also help you generate ideas for your essay without having to stare at a blank page and wonder where to begin.

A good outline can also help you put your thoughts in the right order.

7. Start actual writing (10 to 30 minutes)

Having gathered all the necessary information, writing the essay should be straightforward and thorough in the shortest time possible. 

Follow your essay outline and ensure that you comprehensively capture all the necessary elements under each section.

Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and support it with credible materials and examples, citing all the information you obtain from various sources.

Save the introduction and conclusion for last. These two sections depend on what’s in the body of your article.

The introduction highlights what you intend to talk about, while the conclusion brushes through the issues discussed.

8. Proofread and revise your essay (5 minutes)

Proofread your essay to identify and correct any grammatical and typing errors. Also, check for omissions and repetitions that are likely to occur due to the pressure. 

Due to the pressure to meet the deadline, there are errors that your essay will often have and which you should correct before submitting it. 

Insufficient concentration while editing and proofreading, or even skipping it, can lead to a poor impression on the audience. 

Compare the now completed essay to ensure your stick to the essay plan checklist you had developed before jumping into action.

These steps are only an example, your process of writing an essay fast may be much more complicated or much simpler depending on the requirements.

What matters is that you know what you do when you write and why you choose this specific way to work at that particular moment.

Remember that irrespective of how quickly you need to write your essay, you need to produce the best quality essay to earn a good grade. We know that you are pressed for time but this does not mean that you should produce some poor-quality work in order to get rid of it faster.

On the contrary, by spending more time on this task you will be able to create a high-level essay which will guarantee you an excellent grade.

How to write an essay quickly: Method 2

1. Choose a topic

Sometimes you may be given a topic to write an essay, and sometimes you have to choose your topic. In any case, how can an article be written without a subject?

If you are not given a topic to write an article, although you have more work to do, you can be more fortunate because you now have the opportunity to write an article on a topic you are interested in.

Think about these questions:

  • Should this be general or specialized?
  • Do you want to provide more information or persuade people in this article?
  • What is it about this topic that makes you interested?

It would be best if you gave the reason for choosing the topic in the article; after the article’s purpose has been determined, you can list the various titles related to this topic and search the internet for information about them, and then evaluate them.

Is there enough information about each of them?

And most importantly, which of the topics are you most interested in writing about?

This will make it easier for you to choose the topic of the article.

2. Make a diagram of the ideas

To write a successful article quickly, you need to organize your thoughts. By extracting these ideas and thoughts from your mind and writing them down on paper, you can find the connection between theories more easily, quickly, and clearly.

This structure forms the basis of your article. You can use a chart to present and organize your ideas.

To make this diagram:

  1. Write your subject in the middle of a piece of paper.
  2. Draw three to five lines around it, and write the main ideas next to these lines.
  3. Do the same for each idea you wrote, drawing lines around them and writing down what you think about the idea.

If you prefer to write an outline, write the main topic at the top of the page, and start writing a list of main ideas below it.

It is better to have a little space under each main idea that you write to write your opinions and thoughts about each main idea.

Find the connection between smaller and bigger ideas, and organize your article in this way.

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How to write an essay quickly
How to Write an Essay quickly

3. Write a description of the topic

Now that you have chosen your topic and put your ideas and opinions in the relevant categories, you should write a topic description.

A description of the subject is usually given at the end or middle of the introductory paragraph of an article, which summarizes the main purpose and claim of the article, and somehow supports it.

The topic description has two parts, the first part defines the topic, and the second part defines the article’s purpose.

For example, suppose an article is written about George Washington and his influence on the United States.

In that case, the topic could be: “George Washington has been influential in the future of the United States with two consecutive terms in office.”

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4. Prepare the main body of the essay

The main body of your article describes and explains the subject of the article. Each main idea you wrote on paper now has a separate section in the main body.

The body paragraphs of the article should have a specific and uniform structure. Start the article by writing one of the main ideas in the introduction sentence.

Then write down each of the small ideas that came to your mind about that topic. It is better to put three or four lines between each sentence to come back later, fill it with wings, and complete it with examples.

This gap must eventually be filled with information that connects smaller ideas.

5. Write an introduction to the essay

How to Write an Essay Introduction? 

An introduction is the part of the article that is read first of all in the article, so it should attract the reader’s attention and make it clear to him what the focus of this article will be.

Start the article with a post that grabs the audience’s attention. This can be a surprising piece of information, a dialogue, a story, a quote, or a simple summary of the article’s title.

From every angle you want to start the article, make sure it is relevant to the topic description, which will be the last sentence of the introduction.

6. Write the conclusion of the essay

The conclusion is where the topic of your article closes, and all the ideas presented in the article are summarized.

The conclusion should include three to five very strong sentences. Review the main goals of your article, and state them reinforced at the end.

As you can see, by doing the above steps correctly, your essay has been written in the lowest time.

7. Do the final review of the essay

It is a mistake to think that your article is over by writing another concluding section.

Your article still needs detailed information and details to be completed, which you will understand by reviewing and paying attention.

In the final review, check the order of the paragraphs.

The strongest point you want to make in the article should be given in the first and last paragraphs of the article’s main body.

Also, make sure the order of the paragraphs is logical.

Pay attention to the structure of the article, not all articles have the same structure, and your article may need a special format.

So depending on where and for what reason you are writing the article, pay more attention to its overall structure.

Finally, re-read your post and evaluate it logically.

Ensure there is nothing in the article that is vague and that the ideas are related to the main topic.

Be sure to check spelling and grammar mistakes as well, as the slightest mistake can greatly reduce the article’s value.

How to write an essay quickly: Method 3

1.      Plan The Process

The first thing you need to know here and the one that each essay writing service or paper writing service use, is to plan the whole process.

You need to consider how and what you need to write. You need to know how long each step will take so you can adapt even more.  

Fast essay writing is only possible if you start with this step. 

If you skip it, you will use more time than needed, and you can’t complete essays in time! Your paper can still be fine and well written if you write fast. But you need to calculate how much time you can devote to each section as well.

2.     Read As Much As You Can

If you want to write essays faster, you need to read more. There have been countless studies and research where people discovered that those who read could write better and can complete more essays in less time.

This even applies to argumentative essay, so don’t forget that. 

Basically, when you read, you will learn new words, see new sentences, and understand the topic much better.

All of this makes writing more appealing and easier for you. To write a good essay fast, you need to read fast as well.

3.     Take Notes

These can be a lot of help. With notes, you can get important facts and details in no time, and you can add these to your paper.

It has been one of the best essay writing tips and one that makes any writing so much easier and better.

You can make notes in any form you like but using a PC is the best method if possible. 
You can see a quick note and add it to your research paper immediately.

If you don’t have notes, using cheap essay writing may be a better option! Now you can see how and why this is one of the main points here.

4.    Start With Thesis Statement

Now you will need to write a thesis statement. It is just one sentence that has a huge role in all of this.

To write an essay fast, you will need to start with this.

It should reflect the main goal of your paper, and it will guide you through the process.

Try to keep things simple in this case. You will complete your paper fast, and you won’t have to worry about complicated and additional steps.

All essays have this, and each college essay can be determined by a simple thesis statement.

5.     Develop The Paper Around The Thesis Statement

Once you have the previous step completed, you can move to this one.

You will have to start writing, and you will need to make the whole writing process easier and more appealing.

Keep things simple. This is the main reason why we told you the same thing earlier.

6.    Write Fast

Sadly, there is no way around it. You will need to write as fast as you can.

This also means that your writing process must not be delayed, there is no room for special elements of the paper, and there is no way you can spend a lot of time on each sentence.

Writing a paper in this way means that you will be focused on the essential elements only

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How to write an essay quickly
How to Write an Essay quickly

7.     Proofread 

Now when you know how to write, you still need to know one thing more. You must proofread the paper.

It is a huge part of each writing process and something that you can do at home or at school. If possible, get help from your friend or family member.

By doing this, you won’t develop your writing skills, but you will complete the paper on time. This is a huge deal in this particular case scenario.

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All of the three methods of how to write an essay quickly can really help you start writing your essay very quickly. The recommended choice is, however, the third method as most students find it much easy to implement and also guarantees results.

However, you can also ORDER your paper from us to have it written for you be professional writers.

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2. What is the best format for writing an essay?

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3. What are the practical tips in writing a better essay?

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