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How to Conclude a nursing essay [Nursing Essay Conclusion + Examples]

Nursing Essay Conclusion 

Writing a Nursing essay conclusion can be one of the most daunting tasks for a nursing student, but with the right format and structure, it can be easily completed.

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There are a few things to keep in mind when writing the conclusion of your nursing essay. First and foremost, you want to make sure that your essay is well-written and engaging; second, you want to make sure that your conclusions reflect the main points of your essay.nnHere are a few tips for writing an effective conclusion:

– Be concise: The conclusion of your Nursing Essay should be a concise summary of the key points made in the body of your essay.

– Use strong verbs: Conclusions should be written in active, compelling language that grabs readers’ attention. Use strong verbs to capture the reader’s attention and ensure that they stay engaged throughout the essay.

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– Focus on key ideas: The conclusion should focus on key ideas introduced in the body of your essay. Keep your conclusions short and to the point, so that readers can quickly understand what you’ve been saying.

– Tie everything together: The conclusion of your Nursing Essay should provide a clear, cohesive narrative that ties everything together. Try to use a few key images or examples to illustrate your points.

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By following these tips, you can write an effective conclusion to your Nursing Essay.

In order to write a conclusion that is both engaging and informative, follow these tips.

  • Tie your key points together. Summarize your main points and how they support your thesis statement.
  • Be concise. A good conclusion should not be wordy or overwhelming. Keep it to around 150 words.
  • Move the reader forward. Use strong verbs and images to convey your point of view and move the reader forward in the essay by providing a sense of closure or hope for the future.
  • Keep it simple. Use concrete examples and analogies to help explain complex concepts.
  • End with a hook. Leave readers wanting more, whether that means offering solutions or recommending resources for further learning.
  • Proofread and edit your work. Make sure that all grammar and spelling are correct, and that the flow of your essay is clear.
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Nursing Essay Conclusion Example

Concept analysis is a crucial tool for evaluating and determining essential healthcare concepts. Through concept analysis, the study defines CHC as a healthcare agency actively engaging in healthcare services and collaborating with the host community to provide comprehensive and integrated health services founded on primary healthcare principles that mitigate existing health issues, addressing the causal factors for the community. The study uses the 8-step process developed by Walker and Avant to define and characterize community health centers, providing meaning and attributes crucial for scientific research, policymaking, and healthcare interventions.

Nursing Essay Examples

The introduction of university education for nurses has enabled nurses to keep up to date with medical advances. It has changed their roles both in the hospital and community settings and has led to the increase in power they now enjoy. Their working conditions and wages have improved as they have been seen in this more professional standing. Nurses’ ability to assess and evaluate patients has also improved but their ability to provide empathetic and understanding care has diminished as a result to the strong theory base that university education is centred on.

The conclusion could also be improved by ending with a broad summary of the impacts in the same order as in the Body. It could also suggest where university education is taking nursing as a profession.

Nursing essay conclusion examples
Nursing Essay Conclusion Examples

Here’s an example of a Family Health Assessment Part 2 Paper

Clinical Action Plan: Community Health Plan (Health Education Action Plan) 

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