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10 Best Summarizing Tools

Best Summarizing Tools

You have a few hours or days until your assignment or report is due but you’re not sure how to provide a summary without plagiarizing content from one or more authors.

With a summarizing tool, you can summarize any portion of text or an entire piece of content that you want without plagiarizing the exact terms and phrases.

If you’re ready to do a well-planned, well-researched, and well-elaborated job, you can use any of these best summarizing tools without plagiarizing to get started.

10 Best Summarizing Tools

1. Resoomer – Best summarizing tools

Resoomer tool works on various essential factors and gives you the best key topics that make your work easier.

The tool effectively filters your content and presents essential factors, key themes, and ideas for rapid interpretation.

You can use the tool very easy to analyze and summarize any text at any time. You can summarize any text very easily by copying and pasting it into this tool, and you can also use the extension of this tool.

You have to be online to use both methods, this tool does not work without the internet.

Resoomer tool makes it easy for you to study because this tool summarizes your document or any format and gives you a good summarized version.

Its interface is very simple, fast, and full of features. You can shorten or enlarge your summary according to your requirement. You can control the summary process according to yourself.

Also if you want to undo any of the changes you make by mistake then here you can easily do this too, apart from this you can summarize the content of any language because it supports many languages.

Languages like French, German, Spanish, and Italian are also supported in the tool.

One of the best features of Resoomer is its paraphrasing feature in case you want to paraphrase any of the summaries you can use it easily, but it has a limit where you can paraphrase argumentative text only.


  • Available in: Paid/ Free
  • Support multi-language.
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • You can import files or documents easily.


  • Monthly:$ 5.60
  • yearly: $39.90

Pros and cons


  • Available in both free and paid versions and works well in both.
  • You can summarize your content in any language because it supports multiple languages.
  • They have their google chrome extension.


  • You can import files only in its paid version; you have to copy and paste your text in the free version.

2. AppZaza Article Summarizer – Best summarizing tools

AppZaza tool is easy to use, here you can use it without any registration.

You have to copy and paste any text element here, its summarizer automatically generates a summary, using text analysis and algorithms.

In the app, you get to see the autotldr generator along with the paraphrasing tool which helps to sum up any paragraphed text document directly in the browser.

Appzaza is most beneficial when you summarize simply well-structured records.

Tools can summarize only copy-paste text, here you can’t import or export files in any popular format.

There are other amazing tools in their platform that can be useful for you.

Pros and cons


  • Works best when you want to summarize a well-formatted document.


  • Here you don’t get the best results that Resoomer can provide to you.

3. Scholarcy – Best summarizing tools

Scholarcy is an online summary tool that breaks your text into smaller sections in seconds, allowing you to easily access and read your document.

This tool is the most commonly used tool by students, researchers, and other professionals to quickly and easily understand the main points of any document or paper.

Using this tool, you can also get an instant summary very easily.

You can get the summary of any format given here, the report, document, or article in Word or PDF format.

The tool connects to free passage versions of mentioned sources and you can configure it to extort reports, figures, and pictures.

Along with that Scholarcy helps you to find the arguments, speed up your reading and find the main points of any paragraph.

The tool has your Chrome extension which provides you a chance to use its features in one click.

Scholarcy is the favorite summarizer of graduate or undergraduate students because of its quick services. (Summary, paraphrasing, etc.)

The main feature of this tool is that it finds out the table of calculation or other and the main thing is that you can make changes in the table and run your calculations.


  • This tool is also available in free or paid versions.
  • The Tool suggests background reading.
  • The tool highlights important points in the text.
  • The referenced summary is created by this tool.
  • As I mentioned above you can extract tables and figures.


Monthly: $7.99

Annually: $72

Pros and cons


  • You get to see the best features of this tool.
  • Its paid version is the best combo when it comes to summarizing your content.
  • Good support system.
  • You get to see a free trial before buying any plan.
  • This tool is value for money and most writers of any field use this tool to better their content.


  • This tool is free for a limited time than after you have to pay for continuing your services.
  • The best features are under its paid plan.

4. Simplifly – Best summarizing tools

If you want an ad-free user experience, then Simplifly summarizing tool is a great option.

Here you get a tool that comes in the form of a Chrome extension, in this tool you do not get the word limit which is another good feature of it.

This tool scrapes section titles and bodies from the currently running tab by applying JQuery.

This tool simplifies your lengthy articles and presents them to you by distributing them in short paragraphs, even if it is a news article.

The drawback of this tool is that you can only use this tool only in google chrome and you are not able to import or export files in the Simplifly tool.


Breaks down sentences according to google PageRank factors

 Select the highest-ranking connections to generate a summary

Pros and cons


  • Free to use
  • Available in chrome extension.
  • Helps to summarize long text like newsletters etc.
  • Best works only in chrome browser.


  • Free but not so popular.
  • The tool is not regularly updated.
  • You can only use this tool in a chrome browser.

5. Quillbot – Best summarizing tools

Quillbot is another web-based Summarizing tool that does a great job of converting any textual form into an informative summary.

This is a very effective tool for you to scan text and convert its most important parts into informational forms with just one click.

This tool selects the most relevant parts from your long articles and documents with the help of AI-based algorithms and ensures that the resulting summary matches your original content.

You can summarize the content as key points or paragraphs, summarizing documents, articles, or letters in short paragraphs.

In an AI-based algorithm, this tool uses NLP (natural language processing) to catch necessary data and it helps you maintain the original context of your paragraph.

With the help of good modes like Key Sentences and Paragraph Mode, this tool makes the best summary of your text.

Key sentence mode It scans your articles and selects important sentences, you can choose the number of sentences you want to summarize using its summary length slider feature.

Paragraph mode picks the summarized text and converts it into small paragraphs to make your document more readable or attractive.

So this tool gives you a natural summary where you can also determine the length of the summary with the help of a slider.

You can use this summary tool with many sources such as sections, articles, or research papers, and it provides the information you want to obtain.


  • Comes with the best Ai technology.
  • There are many amazing tools like Quillbot summarizer.
  • Free as well as in paid versions.
  • They provide their extension for google chrome, google docs, and Microsoft word.


Monthly: $4.95

Yearly:  $39.95

Pros and cons


  • 85% of the students responded that their rank improved after using QuillBot
  • Good customer support if you face any problems.
  • 100% money-back guarantee, if you don’t like their tools.


  • You can’t summarize the long text in the free plan
  • You get the best results only in its paid plans.

6.  Split Brain Summary tool – Best summarizing tools

With the help of this tool, you can summarize your content in 39 different languages.

The best feature of the Split-brain tool is that here you can directly copy and paste text as well as article/ blog URL into its dashboard.

It will provide you a summary and if you are searching for the main keywords in the article then this tool also provides you a keywords list of that article.

Here you also get a summarization ratio feature to make a difference in summaries, which you can adjust from 5% to as much as 80%.

And Split Brain’s tool is also not able to import and export files that we can count as its main drawback.

And the main advantage of using this tool is that you can use this tool with an ads-free experience best for students working on their school projects.


  • Ads-free experience.
  • You can make summaries of the blog post and online articles with its URL feature.
  • You can make summaries as well as to detect the main keywords of the text.
  • Supports 39 different languages.

Pros and cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free to use
  • Provide summaries and keywords of the given text.
  • You can control the density of the paraphrasing from 5 to 80%.


  • You can’t import & export files.

7. Text Compactor – Best summarizing tools

Text Compactor is one of the best summarizing tools which provide you best services when it comes to summarizing any content.

This free online summarization tool was designed to accommodate struggling readers to process an enormous amount of knowledge.

If you are unable to obtain the summary you need, you may use this method to set the percentage and obtain the summary that meets your needs.

No need for registration and also you experience here the ads-free service.

This tool calculates the frequency of each word in the passage you have pasted in the box, and after frequency count, a score is provided to each sentence, the sentence which has the most frequency count is considered important.

The tool comes with a translation feature and here you get to see a percentage slider, which allows you to summarize the percentage of content that is copied.

The drawback of this tool is that they have a word limit of 500 words. But if you want summaries according to percentage or if you want an ad-free experience then this tool is best for you.


  • Ads-free experience
  • Summary percentage meter.

Pros and cons


  • Its present meter is best to make summaries according to you.
  • Provide great summaries with the best selection system.


  • Words limit
  • You can’t import and export files.

8. Summarizer – Best summarizing tools

Summarizer is one of the best summarizing tools that help you to summarize your content online. The Summarizer tool is a chrome extension that checks online content on your browser.

You can check any length text online with the help of this tool. Summarizer’s main aim is to save your time while reading long articles online, it highlights the main sentences on the article to help you.

You can even summarize the long text of your pdf’s format to save your time with our reading the whole pdf.

Let me make it clear do you feel bored reading long text or blog articles online? If yes.

Then you must add this chrome extension to your browser.

However, in this tool, you can’t copy or paste your offline document or you don’t have the option to export or import files.  It only helps for online articles or any text.


Automated Imperial-to-metric converter for lengths and weights – beyond all places!

Improved summarizer will detect sentences thoroughly.

Pros and cons


  • Best chrome extension for online articles.
  • One-click summary generator.
  • Simple to use.
  • Best for getting summaries from blogs, newsletters, pdfs, etc.


  • You can’t import/export files.
  • Only available for chrome browser.

9. SummarizeBot – Best summarizing tools

SummarizeBot is a modern tool that provides you with accurate text summaries of any text that you want, making large parts of the text easy to digest in a summarized form.

English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc, and many other languages are supported by the Summarizebot tool.

This tool is loaded with features it supports all the formats from audio, image files, along with text files.

SummarizeBot recognizes the word and the meaning of the information. After it measures the importance of each word in the context and describes the most relevant sentences.

This tool is best for businesses because if you have unstructured data then with the help of this tool you can structure the data in the best way with a click.

They use technologies like machine learning, AI, and blockchain to make your experience better with this tool.

This platform is also ad-free, easy to use, and if you are doing research you can save your time with the help of this tool.

Here you can use the SummarizerBot tool with text, media, audio, and other file types.

There is an amazing feature in this tool of keyword extraction which is best for bloggers, or content creators.


  • They have the best summary tool which generates the best summaries of your text.
  • Their keyword extraction feature is amazing.
  • This supports other features like News Summaries, Key Fragment list, summary size, and you can save, download your results.

Pros and cons


  • Best summarizer.
  • Supports all languages.
  • You can import or export all the formats along with media formats.
  • You can save your work.
  • Support system is available there.
  • Audio summarization


  • There are no such cons of this tool so you can use it. This tool is free and provides the best services.

10. Free Summarizer – Best summarizing tools

Free summarizer is the tool where you can directly copy and paste your content and it will create a good summary of your content.

Here you can only customize the number of sentences you want in your summary.

Free summarizer also has a proofreading tool that will help you to check your summary before submitting it on any platform.

This tool works best for its Summarizer tool and not as a proofreading tool. The list of proofreading tools can fix your mistakes so you have to use these tools as well.


  • This tool works best as a summarizer.
  • You can only select a number of sentences in this tool.

Pros and cons


  • Ads-free user experience
  • Simple copy-pastes manually.
  • Contain summarizing tool + proofreading tool.


  • Limited features.


Now, you have the list of the best summarizing tools that are infused with AI technology and uses natural processing language to collect the facts and ideas and gives the unique relevant information in a matter of minutes even keeping the original context.

Above mentioned summary tools have a free plan or free trial so that you can also try your end and decide which one is the best for you.

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