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Arun Patel shadow health – Focused Exam: Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes

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Arun Patel shadow health – Focused Exam: Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes

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Focused exam: hypertension and type 2 diabetes
Focused Exam: Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes

Focused Exam: Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes – Transcript

Started: Mar 31, 2020 | Total Time:51 min

Your avatarhi, i am danielleGreet
03/31/20 1:00 AM CDT
Arun patelHey.
Your avatarwhats the primary reason for your visitQuestion
03/31/20 1:00 AM CDT
Arun patelI’m here to check up on some numbers that I have for my diabetes and my hypertension. Guess they’re not looking too hot.
Your avatarI know that a diagnosis can be frightening, and that keeping your diabetes under control is difficult and stressful. However, this is a manageable condition, and you have the chance to greatly improve your situation with diet and exerciseEducate
03/31/20 1:03 AM CDT
Arun patelAlright. I get it.
Your avatarhow long have you had these conditionsQuestion
03/31/20 1:04 AM CDT
Arun patelI got diagnosed with diabetes five years ago, and hypertension a year ago. But for the more recent stuff . . . over the past three or so months, I’ve gained some weight and felt pretty fatigued. And for probably a month now, I’ve had to pee way more and drink way more water.
Your avatardo you check your blood sugarQuestion
03/31/20 1:06 AM CDT
Arun patelI check my blood sugar . . . sometimes. I know with diabetes, you have to check it every day, but I don’t have a lot of time, and needles are tough for me.
Your avataryou need to check you blood sugar regularly and keep a record. I know that you dint like needles but if you dont monitor your diabetes you could end up needing insulin, which involves injections. you should aim to use your glucometer at least four times a weekEducate
03/31/20 1:09 AM CDT
Arun patelYeah, youre probably right.
Your avatardo you have any allergiesQuestion
03/31/20 1:10 AM CDT
Arun patelI don’t have any allergies that I know of.
Your avatarany recent hospitalizationsQuestion
03/31/20 1:10 AM CDT
Arun patelI haven’t ever been hospitalized in that sense of the word. But I have seen a doctor before, about my hypertension and diabetes numbers, and I’m here to check in about them.
Your avatarwhat are your home medicationsQuestion
03/31/20 1:10 AM CDT
Arun patelHydrochlorothiazide for my hypertension, metformin for diabetes, and escitalopram for anxiety.
Your avatarwhat dosage do you take (Clarified to What doses are your medications?.)Question
03/31/20 1:10 AM CDT
Arun patelLet’s see . . . the water pill is a 50 milligram . . . the anxiety pill is a 20 milligram . . . and the metformin is an 850 milligram tablet. (Clarified to what dose my medications are.)
Your avatardo you miss any does (Clarified to Do you miss doses of your medication?.)Question
03/31/20 1:11 AM CDT
Arun patelI’m good about taking all my doses. I just take my metformin with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I take the water pill and the anxiety pill just with breakfast. I’ve been on metformin for 5 years, and I don’t think I’ve missed a dose. (Clarified to if I miss doses of my medication.)
Your avatardo you exerciseQuestion
03/31/20 1:13 AM CDT
Arun patelI don’t exercise. I just don’t have the time.
Your avatartell me about your dietQuestion
03/31/20 1:13 AM CDT
Arun patelMy diet could be better, to be honest. I eat a lot of carbs and fried foods, and I tend to go for pizza when I’ve had a really bad day. I don’t feel like my diet is out of control exactly, but I’ve been thinking about cutting down.
Your avatardo you drinkQuestion
03/31/20 1:13 AM CDT
Arun patelI never drink.
Your avatarwhat level of income do you makeQuestion
03/31/20 1:15 AM CDT
Arun patelI make around $25,000 off of my graduate school stipend. I have to be pretty careful with my budget.
Your avatarfamily historyQuestion
03/31/20 1:15 AM CDT
Arun patelMy folks have some stuff going on, which is probably why I’ve got some stuff going on. My dad has hypertension like me, and my mom has diabetes like me. She has high cholesterol, too.
Your avatari am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with your family. I am sure that is adding to current stress and anxietyEmpathize
03/31/20 1:16 AM CDT
Arun patelHa, thanks.
Your avatari am sorry about your financial difficultiesEmpathize
03/31/20 1:17 AM CDT
Arun patelThank you.
Your avatardifficulty urinatingQuestion
03/31/20 1:18 AM CDT
Arun patelI can pee just fine. In fact, I’ve been having to pee way more these days.
Your avatarany chest painQuestion
03/31/20 1:18 AM CDT
Arun patelI never really have chest pain.
Your avatarhow you deal with your anxietyQuestion
03/31/20 1:20 AM CDT
Arun patelUsually when I’m anxious, I just breathe slow and take a few minutes, but I’ve been so much more worried lately it doesn’t work very well. Honestly, the only new thing I’ve been doing to deal with all this stress is eat comfort food. I’ve probably gained 15 pounds since I last came to the doctor three months ago.
Your avatarmanaging you anxiety can be challenging, and I’m sorry it has made such a huge impact on your lifeEmpathize
03/31/20 1:21 AM CDT
Arun patelThanks for saying that.
Your avatara healthy diet is important to control your hypertension and disbetesEducate
03/31/20 1:22 AM CDT
Arun patelGood to know.
Your avatarin order to manage your diabetes and hypertension, you will need to manage your weightEducate
03/31/20 1:24 AM CDT
Arun patelI hadn’t thought of that.
Your avatari need to educate you on your new medicationsQuestion
03/31/20 1:31 AM CDT
Arun patelI appreciate it.
Your avatartake at same time everydayQuestion
03/31/20 1:32 AM CDT
Arun patelYeah. Got it.
Your avatarstop taking your previous medicationsQuestion
03/31/20 1:32 AM CDT
Arun patelAlright. I’ll stop taking my other medication.
Your avatarmonitor for signs of low blood sugarQuestion
03/31/20 1:32 AM CDT
Arun patelI’ll start keeping snacks in my school bag.
Your avatarmonitor for signs of an allergic reactionQuestion
03/31/20 1:33 AM CDT
Arun patelI’ll let you now right away if I see anything like that.
Your avatarit is important to check your blood sugarQuestion
03/31/20 1:34 AM CDT
Arun patelAlright – I can do that.
Your avatarstop taking your other medicationQuestion
03/31/20 1:34 AM CDT
Arun patelAlright. I will.
Your avatarreport signs of cough fatigue and headacheQuestion
03/31/20 1:34 AM CDT
Arun patelThanks for the heads up.
Your avatarcontact us immediately if your tongue swellsQuestion
03/31/20 1:35 AM CDT
Arun patelAh. Alright.
Your avataravoid salt substitutesQuestion
03/31/20 1:35 AM CDT
Arun patelGotcha.
Your avatarand standing too quicklyQuestion
03/31/20 1:35 AM CDT
Arun patelHmm. Alright.
Your avatarcan i help you with anything else.Question
03/31/20 1:36 AM CDT
Arun patelOk. See you later.

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