Discussion 1: Types of Business Environments

With the help of the global economy, U.S. consumers have come to expect products from across the globe to be on store shelves whenever they want. But there are events that impact the global supply chain and the products we see in stores.

In your initial post, address the following as part of your response:

  • List three products that you can purchase at a local store that are only available due to global trade, and discuss the impact of global trade on the local store.
  • List an occurrence (for example, an earthquake, hurricane, or war) that prevented a product from being sold in your local market or that affected the product’s condition or price significantly. Discuss how frequently you notice missing products or significant price changes due to events in other countries.


Blogs, LinkedIn articles, and other online publications are channels of communication through which people can share their experience, perspectives, and expertise directly with readersโ€”and readers can respond via electronic comments.

While these electronic channels are usually not as credible as scholarly publications, they are a great way for readers to learn about new topics and for writers to share their insight and expertise with a virtual audience. They are also often supported with references to case studies, reports, and other research.

In this assignment, you will write an article for a virtual, professional audience to share your knowledge of the module resources concerning what globalization is and why organizations consider global expansion.

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Discussion 1: types of business environments
Discussion 1: Types of Business Environments


Create an article that could be shared online that defines key terms, explains fundamental concepts, and shares relevant examples as to why domestic businesses should consider expansion into global markets. The article should have a brief introduction that explains what readers will gain from the post, a body that provides content supported with textual evidence from the course resources, and a conclusion that summarizes key takeaways for the reader.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Types of Business Environments: Differentiate between domestic and international business environments by defining and providing key characteristics of each type, using supporting evidence.
  • Example Organizations: Identify examples of domestic and international organizations and explain how they meet the criteria for each type of organization, using supporting evidence.
  • Benefits of Expansion: Explain the key benefits of international and global expansion for domestic businesses, providing specific examples and using supporting evidence.
  • Ethical Considerations: Explain the role of ethics in making business decisions regarding expansion to a new market and how ethical decision-making frameworks can be used to help make these decisions. Use supporting evidence as appropriate.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your article as a Word document between 350 and 500 words in length. Use APA formatting and cite your sources according to APA style.