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The Importance Of Listening To Other People’s Stories

People are from varying backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, economic statuses, religions, and races that model their life. Everyone has their own stories to tell, and every story is unique. The stories connect and unite people, and they help them understand the lives of other people. Listening to other people’s stories is equally essential as telling your own stories (Fivush, 2020). When people listen truly to another person’s story, they can understand who they are differently, understand their perspectives, their interpretation of things, and their knowledge and understanding of the world. The moment people share stories and listen to one another, they share the compassion of things and worldviews. Listening to people’s stories is a vital social tool that builds relationships and communities.

Engaging with individuals and listening to their stories broadens a person’s scope of knowledge and understanding. People get to hear what others are going through and their struggles, and based on this information, they can assess the needs and find the right solutions to these struggles (Weiner, 2020). Taking time to listen to other people, even the simple things like asking “how was your day?” is vital as individuals can understand what the person walking or sitting beside them is going through. Listening helps lift others rather than tearing them down. It helps love each other. James 1:19 reinforces the need to listen more than speaking, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” Philippians 2:3-4 says, “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you not look into his interest, but also to the interests of others.” This verse emphasizes the need to understand other people, know their interests, and consider them more significant than ourselves (Moorefield, 2019). When people listen to others, they make them feel important, valued, and heard.

Other people’s stories can move individuals and affect them in unique ways. Well-thought and relatable stories are particularly eye-opening. They dive deep within people, strengthening their emotional intelligence and self-awareness. They trigger feelings and emotions from empathy, sadness, a joy to motivation. Listening to people’s stories makes people view things from a new perspective, giving them the need to believe in others and themselves. Listening to others can challenge a person’s beliefs (Fakih, 2019). When people hang around people who share the same beliefs and agree with their opinion, they prevent growth. People need to hear another point of view. People learn so much through the ear, and it does not take much effort. Other people’s stories can challenge individuals to improve their arguments and realize the flaws in their way of thinking. These new perspectives can trigger people to seek new systems and knowledge, and in the process, they discover and learn more about themselves. The biggest self-discoveries occur after listening to other people’s stories.

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Importance of listening to other people’s stories
Importance Of Listening To Other People’s Stories

Relationships can change when people share their stories. Stories help people open up about themselves, strengthening their relationships with others (Fakih, 2019). Listening to people helps those close to them understand their vulnerabilities, trust them, and feel comfortable around them. Stories bring people closer. They help people learn about varying experiences. What an individual is going through, probably someone else, especially the elders, has experienced. It is, therefore, crucial to ask older people to tell their stories which can help younger people survive what they are going through. Ask successful people what shaped their lives. Hearing stories can help people learn one or more things about themselves and transform their lives forever.  


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