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Nursing Discussion – Sample

This article provides Sample Nursing Discussion

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Nursing Discussion

The ability of an NP to offer high-quality care largely depends on the effective application of clinical judgment. Decision-making, therefore, entails selecting the best available option then utilize in practice. The truthfulness of this statement became manifest to me during my clinical placement as a third-year student. The shared decision-making model’s factors will be reflected using the SHARE approach model as the framework to analyze this decision.  This model is a 5 step shared decision-making process that commences with seeking one’s patient participation, then helping the patient explore and compare the treatment options. At the same time, the third step revolves around assessing the patient’s values and preferences.  The fourth and fifth steps comprise reaching the nurse professional and the patient reaching a decision and evaluating the patient’s decision, respectively (Leyland et al., 2020).

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Nursing discussion
Nursing Discussion

Suffice it to say that a thorough comprehension of the decision-making process did help me to offer better patient care and subsequent outcomes. The placement involved a patient herein referred to as Jane Doe who was under a community nursing team for a couple of months while under treatment for leg ulcers. She had been put under several courses of antibiotics with hardly any improvement. Jane Doe had expressed her wish not to be admitted against the advice of a nurse whose specialty is Tissue Viability. In light of the specialist nurse’s medical opinion, we visited her to be admitted to be put on a course of intravenous antibiotics.

Using the five steps of the SHARE approach, the community nurses involved and the patient could make a better decision than incorporated theory, experience, and self-knowledge and utilized intuition in the clinical decision-making that improved the patient’s outcomes.


Leyland, R., Heath, M., Neve, H., & Maynard, V. (2020). Structured reflection on shared decision-makingThe Clinical Teacher.

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