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Paper Instructions:

STEP 1:  After reading The Tourist Gaze, write a review of it. Try to address the following points:  – what is the book about?  – what is the tourist gaze?  – list and explain at least three concepts that you read in the book and that, according to you, are  fundamental to understand the tourist gaze  – how do the tourist gaze and the other topics Urry wrote about relate to today’s tourism?

STEP 2:  After reading the three assigned articles (Cohen, Smith, and MacCannell)

explain:  – how does the tourist gaze relate to the host-guest relationship?

– how does the topic of authenticity, in particular staged authenticity, relate to the tourist gaze?

– list and explain at least two concepts that the three articles and Urry’s book have in common  (besides the host-guest relationship and staged authenticity).

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Sociology of tourism

To avoid plagiarism, do not simply copy and paste quotes from the readings. Try to elaborate on  those concepts.  TOTAL: 2000 WORDS

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