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Assignment: Study Guide Forum NRNP 6665

Assignment: Study Guide Forum NRNP 6665

Assignment: Study Guide Forum
Abnormal brain development or damage at an early age can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders.
Within this group of disorders, some are resolvable with appropriate and timely interventions, either
pharmacological or nonpharmacological, while other disorders are chronic and need to be managed
throughout the lifespan.
For this Assignment, you will develop a study guide for an assigned disorder and share it with your
colleagues. In sum, these study guides will be a powerful tool in preparing for your certification exam.

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To Prepare
 Your Instructor will assign you to a specific neurodevelopmental disorder from the DSM-5.
 Research your assigned disorder using the Walden Library. Then, develop an organizational
scheme for the important information about the disorder.
The Assignment
Create a study guide for your assigned disorder. Your study guide should be in the form of an outline
with references, and you should incorporate visual elements such as concept maps, charts, diagrams,
images, color coding, mnemonics, and/or flashcards. Be creative! It should not be in the format of an
APA paper. Your guide should be informed by the DSM-5 but also supported by at least three other
scholarly resources.
Areas of importance you should address, but are not limited to, are:
 Signs and symptoms according to the DSM-5

 Differential diagnoses
 Incidence
 Development and course
 Prognosis
 Considerations related to culture, gender, age
 Pharmacological treatments, including any side effects
 Nonpharmacological treatments
 Diagnostics and labs
 Comorbidities
 Legal and ethical considerations
 Pertinent patient education considerations
By Day 7 of Week 8
Submit your Assignment to the forum as an attachment. Although no responses are required, collegial
discussion is welcome. You are encouraged to utilize your peers’ submitted guides on their assigned
neurodevelopmental disorders for study.
Submission and Grading Information
Grading Criteria

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Study guide forum nrnp 6665
Study Guide Forum NRNP 6665

To access your rubric:
Week 8 Assignment Rubric

Post by Day 7 of Week 8

To Participate in this Assignment:
Week 8 Assignment

What’s Coming Up in Week 9?
In Week 9, you will analyze clinical, ethical, and legal issues related to diagnosing and treating
dissociative disorders.

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Next Week

To go to the next week:
Week 9

Learning Resources

Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)

Hilt, R. J., & Nussbaum, A. M. (2016). DSM-5 pocket guide for child and adolescent mental health.
American Psychiatric Association Publishing.
  Chapter 12, “Developmental Milestones”

Thapar, A., Pine, D. S., Leckman, J. F., Scott, S., Snowling, M. J., & Taylor, E. A. (2015). Rutter’s child and
adolescent psychiatry (6th ed.). Wiley Blackwell.
 Chapter 51, “Autism Spectrum Disorder”
 Chapter 55, “ADHD and Hyperkinetic Disorder”

Utah State University. (n.d.). Creating study guides. https://www.usu.edu/academic-

Walden University. (2020). Success strategies: Self-paced interactive tutorials.

Zakhari, R. (2020). The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certification review manual. Springer.
 Chapter 13, “Child/Adolescent Neurodevelopmental Disorders”

Required Media (click to expand/reduce)

Osmosis. (2017, October 17). Autism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology [Video].
YouTube. https://youtu.be/x2hWVgZ8J4A

Medication Review

Irritability in autism Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder


amphetamine IR, XR, and ER
clonidine hydrocholoride ER
Dexmethylphenidate IR and XR
guanfacine hydrocholride ER
methylphenidate hydrocholoride IR and ER, transdermal

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