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Therapy Modality: Person-Centered Therapy – Solved

This article provides a solved sample about Therapy Modality: Person-Centered Therapy.

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Therapy Modality: Person-Centered Therapy

Creator: Carl Rogers (1902-1987), an American Psychologist.

Therapy used for what DSM5 Diagnoses: Patient-centered Therapy effectively manages clients with depression, bipolar, and anxiety disorders. According to Coulombe et al. (2016), clients with depression, bipolar, and anxiety disorders can recover through a holistic understanding of their problems and provide personalized support as in patient-centered Therapy. This is because the modality allows clients to express themselves openly as the therapists listen supportively and encourage them to accept their feelings and gain greater awareness. 

Emphasis of Therapy Modality: The primary focus of patient-centered Therapy is the client other than the presented problem. To achieve this, the modality emphasizes three core aspects, i.e., Congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. Congruence refers to a counselor’s complete genuineness during the therapy session. Empathy refers to the need for a counselor to understand a client’s problem and experience without judgment, meaning a counselor tries to perceive clients in their world. Lastly, unconditional positive regard refers to the need for a counselor to establish an atmosphere free of judgments and negative valuation.

Goals of Therapy Modality: The modality’s primary goal is for the client to gain more independence. Independency enables a client to deal with any existing or future issues that arise. Other significant goals associated with the modality include:

  • To encourage personal growth and development
  • To eliminate the client’s distress
  • To improve a client’s openness and self-esteem
  • To improve the client’s self-conception.

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Therapy modality: person-centered therapy
Therapy Modality: Person-Centered Therapy - Solved 2


  • Person-Centered Therapy is also known as Person-Centered Therapy or Client-Centered.
  • It is a humanistic and non-directive therapy, i.e., it allows the client other than the counselor to lead therapy conversation.
  • The modality is crucial in enabling a client to find closer agreement between an idealized self and actual self
  • The modality enhances a client’s self-understanding, trust, and awareness
  • The modality allows a client to develop healthier relationships and improve self-esteem.


Coulombe, S., Radziszewski, S., Meunier, S., Provencher, H., Hudon, C., Roberge, P., … & Houle, J. (2016). Profiles of recovery from mood and anxiety disorders: a person-centered exploration of people’s engagement in self-management. Frontiers in Psychology7, 584. 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00584

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