Transformational Leadership Response

1. What is the transformational leadership response to the following comments?

a. From a patient: Nobody is answering my call light.

b. From a physician: The patient care team X isn’t as helpful as they should be.

c. From a classmate at an HCO in another city: I’m looking for best practices in inventory protection. What can you tell me?

2. You’re rounding, and associates say the following things. What is the best response to support the mission and the transformational culture? Your response should include what the leader should say, and at least the first round of any next steps that the leader should take.

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Transformational leadership response
Transformational Leadership Response

a. So-and-so hit on me.

b. We need more staff!

c. So-and-so was late today and sick yesterday. Third time this month!

d. I disagree with the orders on this patient.

e. Dr. So-and-so never washes his hands!

I would prefer something that is brief, concise, reasonable not to leave any of the parties involved in that question wounded and offended. They respect a HOSPITAL MANAGER RESPONDING TO THOSE QUESTIONS. From that point of view, a manager must be smart.