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Treating the human resource as an investment

Treating the human resource as an investment

Critical actions to work on

1. Treating the human resource as an investment:

a. Manage the human resource through careful planning and recruitment and with ongoing support.

b. Reward the values added by the skilled associates.

c. Use transformational culture to build engagement and retention

d. Identify and respond to associates’ development needs

2. Measuring and improving associates loyalty:

a. Ensure safety and comfort in the workplace

b. Identify and address opportunities for improvement from surveys and collective assessments.

c. Listen and respond to all individual comments

3. Promoting service excellence:

a. Train workers to exceed expectations in meeting customers’ needs.

b. Train managers’ to respond to workers’ needs.

c. Provide rewards for exceptional effort in customer services.

4. Building a competent workforce and an attractive workplace environment:

a. Train associates for teamwork.

b. Maintain a healthy work environment.

c. Implement a value of respect.

d. Develop rewards and incentives for excellent performance.

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Treating the human resource as an investment
Treating the human resource as an investment

5. Building workforce diversity and inclusion:

a. Assure every member of a diverse workforce of the healthcare organization’s values.

b. Encourage individual leadership development plans.

c. Identify and assist high-potential associates for advancement.

d. Maintain succession plans for key positions

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