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Citing National Patient Safety Goals in APA Style: A Comprehensive Guide for Nursing Students

In the dynamic world of healthcare, patient safety is paramount. Nursing students, as future healthcare providers, must familiarize themselves with the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) to ensure the well-being of their patients. Additionally, as students, they must be well-versed in citing NPSGs in their academic work to adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines. This article aims to provide nursing students with a detailed guide on citing National Patient Safety Goals in APA style. By mastering this skill, students can enhance the quality of their assignments research papers, and ensure accurate references, ultimately contributing to the safety of their future patients.

The Significance of National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs)

The National Patient Safety Goals, developed by The Joint Commission, are a set of guidelines and recommendations designed to promote the safety and well-being of patients in healthcare settings. As nursing students, it is crucial to understand and implement these goals in your practice. Before we dive into the details of citing NPSGs in APA style, let’s explore the importance of these goals in nursing:

  • Patient Advocacy: Adhering to NPSGs ensures that you advocate for your patients’ safety and rights. These goals focus on reducing medical errors, infection rates, and improving the quality of care, which is fundamental to nursing practice.
  • Legal and Ethical Responsibility: Nurses have a legal and ethical obligation to provide safe care to their patients. By following the NPSGs, you align with these responsibilities, protecting both your patients and yourself from potential legal issues.
  • Quality Improvement: Implementing NPSGs helps in enhancing the overall quality of healthcare delivery. You play a crucial role in contributing to a culture of continuous improvement and patient-centered care.

Understanding APA Style Citation

APA style is the most commonly used citation format in the field of nursing. To cite NPSGs accurately, it’s essential to have a grasp of the APA style rules. Here’s an overview:

  • In-text citations: In-text citations are used within the text of your paper to give credit to the source. Typically, this includes the author’s last name and the publication year in parentheses, like this (The Joint Commission, 2021).
  • Reference list: The reference list at the end of your paper provides detailed information about the sources cited within your work. These include the author’s name, the publication date, the title of the document, and any other relevant information.

Citing National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) in APA Style

In-Text Citations

When citing NPSGs in your paper, you should use an in-text citation to attribute the information to the source. The format for citing NPSGs in APA style is straightforward:

(The Joint Commission, Year)

  • The Joint Commission should be used as the author for the citation.
  • Year should represent the publication year of the NPSGs document you are referencing.

For example, if you are discussing NPSG 07.06.01 regarding “Implement evidence-based practices to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections,” your in-text citation would look like this:

“Implementing evidence-based practices to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections is crucial (The Joint Commission, 2021).”

Reference List

In your reference list, you should provide detailed information for the NPSGs source you cited. Here’s how to structure the reference:

The Joint Commission. (Year). Title of the NPSG Document. Retrieved from URL

  • Author: The Joint Commission
  • Year: Publication year
  • Title of the NPSG Document: The specific title of the NPSG you are citing
  • URL: The web address where the NPSG document can be found (if applicable)

For example, if you are referencing NPSG 07.06.01, the reference entry would look like this:

The Joint Commission. (2021). National Patient Safety Goal 07.06.01: Implementing evidence-based practices to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections. Retrieved from [URL]

Ensure that you accurately identify the title of the specific NPSG document you are citing and provide a working URL if available.


In the field of nursing, citing National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) in APA style is essential for academic and professional success. By properly citing NPSGs, nursing students can demonstrate their commitment to patient safety, ethics, and quality improvement. Mastering APA citation style not only ensures academic integrity but also prepares students to become responsible and knowledgeable healthcare providers.

Nursing students must remember that accurate citations are not just a requirement for assignments but a responsibility that they will carry into their future careers. The safety of their patients will depend on their ability to adhere to guidelines and standards, and this begins with proper citation.

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